Camera Functions


Movies can be recorded in live view.



01. Rotate the live view selector to "Movie live view."
02. Press the Live view button.

The mirror will be raised and the view through the lens will be displayed in the camera monitor as it would appear in the actual movie, modified for the effects of exposure. The subject will no longer be visible in the viewfinder.
03. Choose a focus mode.
04. Choose an AF-area mode.
05. Frame the opening shot and focus.
06. Press the movie-record button to start recording.
A recording indicator and the time available are displayed in the monitor.

Exposure can be locked by pressing the AE-L/AF-L button or altered by up to ±3 EV in steps of 1/3 EV using exposure compensation. In autofocus mode, the camera can be refocused by pressing the shutterrelease button halfway.

1: Recording indicator
2: Time remaining
07. Press the movie-record button again to end recording. Recording will end automatically when the maximum length is reached, or the memory card is full.
08. Press the Live view button to exit movie live view.

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