Camera Functions

Focus Mode (Live View)

Pressing the shutter-release button halfway initiates autofocus. Focus mode lets you choose whether focus locks once the camera has focused or if the camera continues to adjust focus while the shutter-release button is pressed halfway.

AF-S (Single-servo AF)
For stationary subjects. Focus locks when shutter-release button is pressed halfway.

AF-F (Full-time servo AF)
For moving subjects. Camera focuses continuously until shutter-release button is pressed. Focus locks when shutter-release button is pressed halfway.

MF (Manual focus)
Focus manually.



01. To use autofocus, rotate the focus-mode selector to AF.
02. Autofocus Mode

Autofocus mode can be selected by pressing the AF mode button and rotating the main command dial until the desired setting is displayed in the viewfinder or control panel.
Manual Focus

01. To focus in manual focus mode, rotate the lens focus ring until the subject is in focus.
02. To magnify the view in the monitor for precise focus, press the playback zoom in button.

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