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Flash Photography

Most digital SLR cameras are equipped with a pop-up flash. The flash will fire automatically to illuminate dark or back-lit subjects when set to auto and in some scene modes, including portrait and close-up modes. In P, S, A, and M modes, the flash must be turned on or off manually. Turning the flash off when photographing poorly lit subjects may result in slower shutter speeds and blurred shots or heavy shadows in backlit subjects. Using the flash prevents blur and ensures that backlit subjects are not in shadow.

Flash on
Flash off


Auto Pop-up Modes

The built-in flash automatically pops up and fires as required.
01. Choose a flash mode.

Keeping the Flash button pressed, rotate the main command dial until the desired flash mode is displayed.
In live view, the selected option is displayed in the monitor.
02. Take pictures.

The flash will pop up as required when the shutter-release button is pressed halfway and fire when a photograph is taken. If the flash does not pop up automatically, DO NOT attempt to raise it by hand. Failure to observe this precaution could damage the flash.
Manual Pop-up Modes

The flash must be raised manually. The flash will not fire if it is not raised.
01. Raise the flash.

Press the Flash mode button to raise the flash.

Note that if the flash is off or an optional external flash unit is attached, the built-in flash will not pop up; proceed to Step 02.
02. Choose a flash mode (P, S, A, and M modes only).

Keeping the Flash mode button pressed, rotate the main command dial until the desired flash mode is displayed.
03. Take pictures.

If an option other than "Auto (Flash Off)" is selected, the flash will fire whenever a picture is taken.

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