Camera Functions

The Retouch Menu: Filter Effects

Choose from the following filter effects. After adjusting filter effects as described below, press OK to copy the photograph.

The Retouch Menu: Filter Effects: Soft
The Retouch Menu: Filter Effects: Original

Skylight: Creates the effect of a skylight filter, making the picture less blue.

Warm filter: Creates a copy with warm tone filter effects, giving the copy a "warm" red cast.

Red intensifier: Intensify reds.

Green intensifier: Intensify greens.

Blue intensifier: Intensify blues.

Cross screen: Add a starburst effect to light sources.

Soft: Add a soft filter effect.


Warm filter

The effect can be previewed in the monitor.
Red intensifier
Blue intensifier
Green intensifier

Press the multi selector up to increase the effect, down to decrease.
Cross screen

Number of points: Choose from four, six, or eight.

Filter amount: Choose the brightness of the light sources affected.

Filter angle: Choose the angle of the points.

Length of points: Choose the length of points.

Confirm: Preview the effects of the filter as shown at right. Press Playback zoom in button to preview the copy full frame.

Save: Create a retouched copy.

Add a soft filter effect. Press the multi selector up or down to choose the filter strength.

The Retouch Menu: Filter Effects: Related Functions

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