Camera Functions

The Retouch Menu

The options in the retouch menu are used to create trimmed or retouched copies of existing pictures.

The Retouch Menu:

Red-eye correction
Filter effects
Color balance
Image overlay
NEF (RAW) processing
Quick retouch
Distortion control
Color outline
Color sketch
Perspective control
Miniature effect
Selective color
Edit movie
Side-by-side comparison


01. To display the retouch menu, press [MENU] and select the [Retouch Menu] tab.
02. Press the multi selector up or down to highlight an item, and press right to select.
03. Select a picture.

Highlight a picture and press [OK] (to view the highlighted picture full screen, press and hold the Zoom In button; to view images in other locations, hold [BKT] button and press the multi selector up).
04. Select retouch options.

For more information, see the section for the selected item.

To exit without creating a retouched copy, press [MENU].
05. Press OK to create a retouched copy. Retouched copies are indicated by a [Retouch] icon.

The Retouch Menu: Related Functions

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