Camera Functions


Movies can be recorded in live view.



01. Rotate the live view selector to Movie Live View.
02. Press the Live View button.
03. Choose a focus mode and an AF-area mode.

1. Focus mode
2. AF-area mode
04. Press the shutter-release button halfway to focus.
05. Press the movie-record button to start recording.

The camera can record both video and sound; do not cover the microphone on the
front of the camera during movie recording.

In autofocus mode, focus can be locked by pressing the shutter-release button halfway.

Exposure can be locked by pressing the AE-L/AF-L button or (in modes P, S, and A) altered by up to ±3 EV in steps of 1/3 EV using the Exposure Compensation button and main command dial.

1. Recording indicator
2. Time remaining
06. Press the movie-record button again to end recording.
07. Press the Live View button to exit live view mode.

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