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Preset Manual White Balance

Use preset manual white balance when shooting under mixed lighting or in other circumstances in which options such as Auto or Incandescent fail to produce the desired results.


Measuring a Value for Preset White Balance

01. Place a neutral gray or white object under the lighting that will be used in the final photograph.
02. To display the menus, press the MENU button. Highlight White balance in the shooting menu and press the multi selector right to display white balance options. Highlight Preset manual and press the multi selector right.
03. Highlight Measure and press the multi selector right.
04. The menu shown at right will be displayed; highlight Yes and press OK.
05. The camera will enter preset measurement mode.
06. When the camera is ready to measure white balance, a flashing PRE will appear in the viewfinder and information display.
07. Before the indicators stop flashing, frame the reference object so that it fills the viewfinder and press the shutter-release button all the way down.

No photograph will be recorded; white balance can be measured accurately even when the camera is not in focus.
08. If the camera was able to measure a value for white balance, the message will be displayed and "Gd" will flash in the viewfinder for about eight seconds before the camera returns to shooting mode.

To return to shooting mode immediately, press the shutter-release button halfway.
09. If lighting is too dark or too bright, the camera may be unable to measure white balance. A message will appear in the information display and a flashing "no Gd" will appear in the viewfinder for about eight seconds. Return to Step 07 and measure white balance again.

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