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White Balance: Fine-Tuning

The White balance option in the shooting menu can be used to fine-tune the selected white balance setting.


01. Press MENU to display the menus, then highlight White balance in the shooting menu and press the multi selector right.
02. Highlight the desired white balance option and press the multi selector right (if Fluorescent is selected, highlight the desired lighting type and press press the multi selector right; note that finetuning is not available with Preset manual).
03. Use the multi selector to fine-tune white balance.
White balance can be fine-tuned in 12 steps on each of the amber (A)–blue (B) and green (G)–magenta (M) axes.

G. Increase green
M. Increase magenta
B. Increase blue
A. Increase amber

1. Coodinates
2. Adjustment
04. Press OK to save changes and exit.

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