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Special Effects: Miniature Effect

Make your subject look like a diorama.

Special effects: Miniature effect


01. Rotate the mode dial to EFFECTS.
02. Rotate the command dial until Miniature Effect option appears in the monitor.
03. Rotate the live view switch. The view through the lens will be displayed in the monitor.
04. Use the multi selector to position the focus point in the area that will be in focus and then press the shutterrelease button halfway to focus.

To temporarily clear miniature effect options from the display and enlarge the view in the monitor for precise focus, press Playback zoom in button.

Press Thumbnail/playback zoom out button to restore the miniature effect display.
05. Press OK to display miniature effect options.
06. Adjust options.

Press the multi selector left or right to choose the orientation of the area that will be in focus and press the multi selector up or down to adjust its width.
07. Press OK to exit when settings are complete.

To exit live view, rotate the live view switch. The selected settings will continue in effect and will apply to photographs taken using the viewfinder.

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