Camera Functions

Scene Mode

Choosing a scene mode automatically optimizes settings to suit the selected scene. Apart from the option of choosing a scene, the steps involving in taking a picture are the same as in auto mode.

Scene mode: Portrait
Scene mode: Pet Portrait
Scene mode: Food
Scene mode: Night landscape


The Mode Dial

01. The following scenes can be selected with the mode dial:

- Portrait
- Landscape
- Child
- Sports
- Close up
Other Scenes

01. Rotate the mode dial to SCENE.
02. Rotate the command dial until the desired scene appears in the monitor.

- Night Portrait
- Night Landscape
- Party/Indoor
- Beach/Snow
- Sunset
- Dusk/Dawn
- Pet Portrait
- Candlelight
- Blossom
- Autumn Colors
- Food

Scene Mode: Related Functions

View information on functions related to Scene Mode.

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