Camera Functions

Viewing Movies

Movies are indicated by a movie icon in full-frame playback.
Press OK to start playback.


Movies are indicated by a Movie icon in full-frame playback.

1. Length
Press OK to start playback; your current position is indicated by the movie progress bar.

1. Current position/total length
2. Movie progress bar
3. Volume
4. Guide
Press the multi selector down to pause playback.
Press OK button to resume playback when movie is paused or during rewind/advance.
Speed increases with each press, from 2× to 4× to 8× to 16×; keep pressed to skip to beginning or end of movie (first frame is indicated by a first frame icon in top right corner of monitor, last frame by a last frame icon).
If playback is paused, movie rewinds or advances one frame at a time; hold for continuous rewind or advance.
Rotate the command dial to skip ahead or back 10 s.
Press Playback zoom in button to increase volume, Thumbnail/playback zoom out button to decrease.
Press the multi selector up or playback button to exit to full-frame playback.

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