Camera Functions

Special Effects: Color Sketch

The camera detects colors and outlines for a color sketch effect.

Special effects: Color sketch
Auto mode


01. Rotate the mode dial to EFFECTS.
02. Rotate the command dial until Color Sketch option appears in the monitor.
03. Press the Live View button. The view through the lens will be displayed in the monitor.
04. Press OK to display the options shown at right.
05. Press OK to display the options shown at right.

Press the multi selector up or down to highlight Vividness or Outlines and press left or right to change. Vividness can be increased to make colors more saturated, or decreased for a washed-out, monochromatic effect, while outlines can be made thicker or thinner. Increasing the thickness of the lines also makes colors more saturated.
06. Press OK to exit when settings are complete.

To exit live view, press the Live View button. The selected settings will continue in effect and will apply to photographs taken using the viewfinder.

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