The inherited passion from the guardians.

WX series binoculars are also considered as binoculars that have had the heart and soul of the Engineering & Quality Control Division and the manufacturing site poured into them, in addition to the engineers' superb concept.
How do Mr. Ushikubo and Mr. Nakao evaluate them?
“Specifications that deliver an incredibly clear view all the way to the periphery of a super-wide field of view have created the world's best binoculars. The sharpness at the periphery is just simply the world's highest class.” (Mr. Ushikubo)
“All of the efforts made at the manufacturing site produced these binoculars, which have excellent image quality all the way to the periphery and are true to the super-wide field of view concept.” (Mr. Nakao)
However, both of them believe that there is still room for growth for WX binoculars.

Mr. Ushikubo spoke in a quiet tone, “We achieved the concept of “a clear view at the periphery of a super-wide field of view”. This is performance that only WX binoculars can offer.
If we can improve further, it will be through “image quality”. The evaluation is very difficult because it depends so much on users' preferences. But I wanted my staff to aim at achieving the world's one and only highest-class “image quality” binoculars as their next mission.
I am looking forward to hearing the first news from Mr. Nakao that Nikon has successfully brought these “ultimate” binoculars for all performance criteria into productisation.”
Responding to Mr. Ushikubo's comments, Mr. Nakao replies with a smile saying “I think there is still some room for improvement if we improve the mechanical structure and lens accuracy.”
The baton of continuing Nikon quality has already been passed between two dedicated people who have the same spirit of putting their heart and soul into creating a “World's first” combined with “customer satisfaction”.