Measurement technology for golfers


Nikon’s system design: Minimised measurement errors

The Nikon Laser Rangefinder’s system design meets the exacting requirements of professional golfers. Nikon engineers determined the system design through repeated simulations that enable invisible laser rays to be precisely picked up by a sensing unit. High-quality integrated circuits and sophisticated software not only provide outstanding measurement performance, but also quick response.

Nikon's STABILIZED system

HYPER READ: Quick, consistent measurement response

Nikon’s original data processing algorithm, “HYPER READ”, displays the distance measurement result with a fast and stable response, regardless of the distance to the target. This enables you to focus on your game with stress-free measurement.


First Target Priority algorithm: The distance to the closest subject is displayed

Laser beams are projected and reflected off objects. The First Target Priority algorithm displays the range to the nearest target among the multiple results obtained. You can then exactly measure the distance to the flagstick, instead of a background object. This is especially useful for approach shots.

Continuous measurement: Easy to target a small object

Holding down the power button provides 8-second continuous measurement which minimises the effect of hand shake, enabling easy targeting of a faraway small object like a flagstick.

High-performance viewfinder: Easy viewing

A large ocular with long eye relief design provides a wide field of view and easy viewing. You can easily catch small targets such as flagsticks.

Multilayer coating: Increased light transmission

Multilayer coating is applied to the lenses for a much brighter and clearer view. This increases light transmission and reduces flare and ghost due to light reflection. You can thus see just about all target objects on the course with clarity.

Ergonomic body design: Easy operation and comfortable handling

The Nikon Laser Rangefinder’s body is built compact, lightweight, and optimised for golfing. While maintaining excellent optical performance, COOLSHOT's easy-to-handle ergonomic body design provides comfortable and stress-free operation.

All-weather waterproof/fogproof body

The body is filled with nitrogen gas and sealed. The waterproof/fogproof body design means you can use COOLSHOT even in case of a sudden shower without worry. It also prevents the inside of the optical system from fogging or molding even under significant changes in temperature.

* COOLSHOT PRO STABILIZED is waterproof and fogproof. COOLSHOT 40i GII / COOLSHOT 20 GII has a rainproof body design.