Use the COOLSHOT to effectively measure distance to objects around the fairway and the green, as well as the distance to the exact point where you want the golf ball to land. By knowing the exact distance to your target, you can select the proper club. Of course, you should also consider the wind condition and lie to strategically attack the course.

* Make sure to check the local rules in advance when using a COOLSHOT in an official competition.

Golf Course Image, 456 Yards, Par 4
COOLSHOT PRO STABILIZED viewfinder display example (for uphill): Golf mode, The upper figure shows the Actual distance while the one below indicates the Slope adjusted distance

TEE SHOTKnow the distance
to target

A dogleg corner can make estimating distance difficult. In this case, measure the distance to a tree in front of the corner and then the distance to the bunker to get the distance to the centre of the fairway. Now you can swing without hesitation.

SECOND SHOTMeasure the slope
adjusted distance
to the hazards.

With a bunker or pond in your path to the green, measure the slope adjusted distance to a target. A model with ID Technology displays a guide distance showing how far you should hit the ball on an uphill/downhill course. It helps you choose the right club to play it safe and avoid hazards.

APPROACHHit an accurate shot
to reach the green

When approaching the green, misreading the distance to the flagstick can seriously affect your score. A model equipped with the LOCKED ON Technology lets you know the distance to the flagstick has been measured where there are trees in the background. So you can take your shot with confidence.

DRIVING RANGEKnow the club distance
for each of your clubs

Use COOLSHOT on the driving range. Set your sight on a target and practice your shot. This will help you learn the shot distance for each of your clubs.

* Internal display: Image of COOLSHOT PRO STABILIZED