• * The adjustments shown here are made using the latest Picture Control.
  • * The monitor display images are those of the D810. The design of the display may vary, and some items may be unavailable or not displayed, according to the camera.

An image with extreme vividness delivers a strong impact. To shoot such a super-vivid image easily, apply the Vivid option that is highly effective for making less-colorful subjects look more vivid to subjects that are already colorful originally. Adjust parameters such as contrast and saturation before shooting to apply a uniquely creative finish to your photographic work.

  • ·Picture Control: Vivid ·Camera: D5300 ·Lens: AF-S DX Micro NIKKOR 40mm f/2.8G ·Image quality: 14-bit RAW (NEF) ·Exposure: Aperture-priority auto, 1/5 second, f/8 ·White balance: Auto ·Sensitivity: Auto (ISO 400)

Shot with Vivid (before editing)

Shot with Vivid (after editing)

Adjustment points
To emphasize vividness, saturation is set to the maximum. Sharpening is also strengthened to project a vibrant impression.

Step 1

Selection of Picture Control
Set Picture Control to Vivid.

In viewfinder shooting

In live view shooting

Step 2

Adjustment of parameter 1
Press ► of a multi selector to go to the adjustment display and set +1 for contrast and +3 for saturation.

In viewfinder shooting

In live view shooting

Step 3

Adjustment of parameter 2
Set 8 for sharpening.

In viewfinder shooting

In live view shooting

Step 4


[Shooting points]

  • Select subjects that look vivid even when shot with Standard option.
  • Include pairs of complementary colors that make each other stand out within a frame so that the vividness is even more impressively emphasized. For example, if the main subject is a red flower, include blue sky or green leaves/stems. Try purple with yellow, orange for blue and green next to pink.