Each of the seven Picture Control options allows in-camera adjustments of sharpening, clarity*1, contrast, brightness and many more*2 while taking pictures. This enables fine-tuning of settings on the spot according to the shooting situation, thus letting you create images closer to your intentions. This is convenient when your shooting style is to save the photographed TIFF or JPEG images as the complete final images. The adjusted settings can be saved in the camera as custom Picture Controls. You can tailor images in finer increments of 0.25*3,4, while brightness can be adjusted in a wider range*4, thus allowing more flexible control of image creation.

  • *1 Clarity is only available with the D810 or cameras released after the D810 (as of June 26, 2014).
  • *2 Other than Monochrome: Sharpening, clarity, contrast, brightness, saturation and hue (coloration)
    Monochrome: Sharpening, clarity, contrast, brightness, filter effects and toning
  • *3 Excluding Quick adjust and filter effects.
  • *4 Only available with the D810 or cameras released after the D810 and Capture NX-D (as of June 26, 2014).

Adjustment items of Picture Control

[A] (Auto) for automatic parameter adjustments according to the scene

Adjustment items include [A] (Auto), that allows the camera to automatically perform the optimum adjustment by recognizing shooting scenes and subjects. If you are taking landscape pictures on a cloudy day, for example, with [A] (Auto) setting on contrast and/or saturation, you can obtain more lively and clearer images. Picture Control Utility 2 also provides the same auto settings.

In-camera setting

Picture Control Utility 2