Adjustments and registration of Picture Controls
Filter effects Y/O/R/G [Monochrome only]

Provides an effect similar to shooting black-and-white photographs with a color filter. Y (yellow), O (orange) and R (red) are effective to emphasize the contrast, with contrast strengthening in the order Y to O to R. This is useful when you want to decrease the brightness of the sky to make the scene look deeper and denser. G (green) provides a similar effect to shooting black-and-white photographs with a green filter, making some areas of an image appear deeper and denser. This can make the skin tone or lips look subdued, which is effective for portrait photography.

Click the images below to see the enlarged view.

[Y: yellow]

[O: orange]

[R: red]

[G: green]

[OFF]: No effect added

Original image: Shot with Standard