Adjustments and registration of Picture Controls
Saturation [except Monochrome]

The saturation of the image can be controlled precisely in increments of 0.25* from -3 to +3. [A] (Auto) can be selected so that the camera automatically adjusts the saturation according to each shooting situation. When set to the minus side, the image looks lighter and less vivid. When set on the plus side, the image appears deeper and more vivid. If you wish to make flowers in mellow sunlight or countryside landscapes look soft and gentle, a weaker setting is recommended. If you want to make dull-colored flowers or small objects look vivid and more lively, use a stronger setting.

*Only available with the D810 or cameras released after the D810 and Capture NX-D (as of June 26, 2014).

Move the slider to see the changing effect according to the value of the parameter.