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Takayuki Yoshida

D810A Shooting Guide

Post-shoot Image Processing


Capture NX-D's Astro Noise Reduction feature allows you to reduce unwanted bright spots in star images effectively with easy operation (for NEF only).

Astrophotography images captured with a long exposure time often display noise called bright spots that look similar to scattered stars. To reduce them, a workflow called "dark compensation" proves effective. This "dark frame subtraction (dark compensation)" uses a separate dark frame captured with a long-time exposure in order to decrease long-second noise. If you want to skip capturing a dark frame and still want to reduce bright spots, the "Astro Noise Reduction" feature in Capture NX-D, Nikon's original RAW development software (available to download free from Nikon websites), allows you to do this easily and effectively (for NEF images only).

Astro Noise Reduction OFF

Bright spots visible

Astro Noise Reduction ON

Bright spots reduced

• All the images above are before receiving dark-frame compensation, flat-field correction or composite processing.
Noise Reduction palette
Simply select the Astro Noise Reduction option.