Supervised by
Takayuki Yoshida

D810A Shooting Guide

Exposure Time and Aperture


Interval-timer photography using an MC-36A Remote Cord and electronic front-curtain shutter allows efficient shooting of multiple frames while avoiding unwanted camera shake.

In astrophotography, image compositing using multiple frames
is a usual practice to achieve a higher S/N level, while emphasizing the contrast of a nebula.
Interval-timer photography using an optional MC-36A Remote Cord
and the D810A’s electronic front-curtain shutter function
allows efficient shooting of multiple frames while avoiding camera shake.
The effects of camera shake do not usually appear in star field
and nebulae shooting even without using the electronic front-curtain shutter,
nevertheless, it can be used to allay any concerns.

How to set Interval-timer photography using an MC-36A Remote Cord and the electronic front-curtain shutter


Set the timer on an MC-36A Remote Cord.

Set the delay time (the allowance before shooting starts), exposure time, interval between shots, the number of shots, and beep on/off.

You can set the exposure time to up to 99 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds, at 1-second intervals (however, you will need to set the interval to a shorter time than that by 1 or more seconds).

Also, the number of shots can be set to Unlimited, when the camera keeps shooting for as long as your memory card or battery life allow.


Connect the MC-36A to the D810A, and turn on the camera.


Enable the electronic front-curtain shutter via “d5” in Custom Setting menu.

In live view photography, pressing thebutton will give you direct access to the setup menu to quickly enable/disable the electronic front-curtain shutter


Set the release mode to (mirror-up).

While pressing the release mode dial lock release, rotate the release mode dial to

Note: Even if the electronic front-curtain is enabled inmode, the mechanical shutter is always used in other release modes.


Set up the camera as below:

Exposure mode: M or M*

Shutter speed: Bulb

Interval timer: Disabled

Focus mode: Manual


Start shooting in live view photography mode.

Pressing the MC-36A’s timer start/stop button sets off the timer, and shooting starts after the preset delay time elapses.

With mirror-up shooting using the viewfinder, the mirror rises with the first full pressing of the shutter release, and then the shutter is released with the second full pressing of the button. Therefore, if the interval time is set to 5 minutes, for example, pressing the MC-36A’s timer start/stop button only raises the mirror after the preset delay time, and then a 5-minute interval elapses without releasing the shutter before the initial exposure starts. By comparison, the mirror is always raised with mirror-up shooting in live-view photography, and the shutter releases for the initial exposure immediately after the preset delay time.