Astrophotography rewards your efforts.

Astrophotography has the romantic attraction of capturing the images of the boundless universe; however, the satisfaction one feels from improvements through honing one’s own skills is a large part of the enjoyment as well.

I started astrophotography when I was in elementary school. In hindsight, the first photo I took was a mess — both in the composition and exposure; however, I still cannot forget the emotion I felt when the Milky Way, while white and indistinct to the naked eye, appeared with a reddish hue in the photo. Ever since then, I have gradually established my own shooting methods through endless trial and error.

Cameras have made remarkable progress since then, and almost anything can be shot in auto today. However, manual shooting is still a fundamental discipline within the field of astrophotography. Because of that, the photographer’s feelings and experience are directly reflected in the resulting images. This makes the joy of success after failures even sweeter.

I would like to invite you to the world of astrophotography, and it would be great if this website helps you to start exploring the manually exposed shooting of the stars.

Takayuki Yoshida



Takayuki Yoshida
Born in Hyogo, 1971. Began taking astrophotographs in 1982. Professionally exhibited his works from 2000, mainly using medium-format, silver-halide film cameras. Since 2004, he has employed digital SLR and cooled-CCD astrophotography cameras, producing images that have birthed the term “Yoshida tone”, describing their natural tone, rich gradation, and coloration resembling silver-halide positive film, and winning wide acclaim for his originality.
Winner of multiple awards. Author of regular column “The Cosmos is Beautiful” in monthly Hoshinavi magazine. Through the recommendations of astrophotographers in the U.S.A., his works have been introduced to NASA’s APOD (Astronomy Picture of the Day) and an astronomy site “The Universe Today”, which are well known around the world.

Website: http://www.takayuki-astro.com/