• FX format
  • 36.3 mega-
  • 200-
  • EXPEED 4
  • supported
  • M* mode

Exclusively for astrophotography

Capture the red mysteries of the cosmos with an ultrahigh-definition D-SLR camera designed exclusively for astrophotography — a first for Nikon models

The D810A, that captures nebulae emitting with the H-alpha wavelength in red, employs an FX-format CMOS sensor without optical low-pass filter, the same as the D810, realizing superior definition and smooth tonal gradation. The ultimate resolving power among Nikon’s digital SLR cameras provided with 36.3 effective megapixels enables breathtaking astrophotography. Also, the latest image-processing engine, EXPEED 4, delivers amazingly clear coloration and rich gradation with depth from black to white. The quality of astrophotography you can achieve has been elevated to a level you’ve never experienced before.

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Nebulae that emit with an H-alpha wavelength can be captured beautifully with the enhanced transmission characteristics of the optical filter.

Functions specialized for astrophotography enable photographers to concentrate on shooting.

The maximum pixel count among Nikon’s digital SLR cameras achieves outstandingly high-resolution astrophotographs.

Long-exposure manual (M*) mode that enables setting of a shutter speed up to 900 seconds, which is convenient for long-time exposure, is employed.

Preview function for shutter speed settings longer than 30 seconds is available, which is useful for focusing and framing adjustment during live view.

An unlimited number of images can be shot continuously to produce beautiful light trails.

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