High image quality

Image sensor unit without an optical low-pass filter fully brings out the true resolving power of the image sensor with 24.1 effective megapixels, and the sharp rendering of NIKKOR lenses, realizes exquisite detail reproduction [NEW]

The D7100 employs a Nikon DX-format CMOS sensor that provides approx. 24.1 effective megapixels and is compatible with high-speed readout. It adopts an image sensor unit designed without an optical low-pass filter (OLPF) to fully bring out the true resolving power of the high-pixel-count image sensor, and the sharp rendering of NIKKOR lenses, to deliver exquisite detail reproduction. Even if trimmed or enlarged, the images retain this amazingly high definition.

High-performance EXPEED 3 image-processing engine

EXPEED 3 processes multiple tasks in parallel while maintaining high precision to bring out the full potential of the 24.1 effective megapixels, whether in stills or movies. It excels at color reproduction, gradation processing and image quality at high sensitivity. It reproduces human skin tone, hair and eye lashes more faithfully. Furthermore, from image processing and card recording to image playback and image transfer, EXPEED 3 manages massive amounts of data at high speed. Even with Active D-Lighting and high ISO noise reduction, continuous shooting speed is not sacrificed, realizing relaxed shooting. It also contributes to saving energy in the camera.

Effective for shooting in low-lit situations and capturing moving subjects — wide ISO range and superior noise reduction function

When it comes to high ISO settings, Nikon takes image quality very seriously. Strict standards have been put into place to ensure clearer pictures. The D7100's standard ISO sensitivity ranges from 100 to 6400, expandable to ISO 25600 equivalent (Hi 2). It can adapt to a broad spectrum of lighting situations such as the harsh glare of the midday sun, the low light of dusk, a dimly lit interior and night scenes. Furthermore, the superior noise reduction function effectively reduces noise at high ISO setting, and suppresses noise even for low-contrast subjects such as hair and grass textures while maintaining resolution as much as possible. This excellent high ISO sensitivity performance is powerfully effective even for movie recording.

Shot at Hi 2 (equivalent to 25600)
Shot at ISO 6400
ISO 100
ISO 200
ISO 400
ISO 800
ISO 1600
ISO 3200
ISO 6400

Spot White Balance – allows preset of white balance during live view shooting [NEW]

The D7100 comes newly equipped with a Spot White Balance function that allows you to easily acquire preset manual data based on a specific area of the frame you select during live view. This means that you can effectively achieve pinpoint white balance setting according to the selected subject or a part of it during live view. The Spot White Balance target for acquiring preset manual data can be moved around in the frame with the multi selector. As this eliminates the need to use a gray card and allows you to quickly acquire the preset data based on even a distant subject, you can preset the white balance knowing that you won't miss decisive moments. Spot White Balance operation is possible even with a super-telephoto lens attached. This is convenient when shooting sports indoors or in stadiums where various types of lights are mixed.

Spot White Balance setting screen
: Spot White Balance target to acquire preset manual data

Active D-Lighting for enhanced image quality

Even when shooting high-contrast scenes in backlit situations, Active D-Lighting preserves details in both highlight areas with varied brightness (e.g. gradation of the sky) and shadowy areas, maintaining moderate contrast to reproduce brightness as you see it. The D7100 employs a image-processing system that delivers superior reproduction without shifting color phase even when the strength level is increased. Image-processing time is reduced by high-speed and highly accurate, real-time processing within pipelines. Furthermore, color reproduction is largely improved thanks to the EXPEED 3 image-processing engine. Active D-Lighting is suitable for moving subjects, as it does not involve combining two images like HDR (High Dynamic Range).

Active D-Lighting: Off
Active D-Lighting: Extra high

HDR (High Dynamic Range) produces a single image with a wider dynamic range

High Dynamic Range (HDR) function takes two images of different exposures with one shutter release and automatically combines them to produce a single image that has a wider dynamic range. This achieves images with less noise and rich tonal gradation including shadows and highlights, even for high-contrast shooting scenes. The smoothness of the area where the two exposures meet is automatically set. HDR is ideal for stationary subjects such as high-contrast landscapes and still lifes.

Note: Tripod use is recommended.

HDR: Off
HDR: Normal
HDR: Extra high

Picture Control System that creates an ideal image by fine-tuning color and tone for stills and movies

The D7100 incorporates six types of Picture Control, selectable according to your subjects and scenes. You can confirm and adjust the effect during live view. Selected Picture Control lets you fine-tune sharpening, contrast, etc. to match your own image creating ideas. These adjusted Picture Controls can then be stored in the camera and used in image-browsing/editing software ViewNX 2 (supplied) and image-editing software Capture NX 2 (optional).

Picture Controls incorporated in the D7100:

Standard, Neutral, Vivid, Monochrome, Portrait and Landscape


Edge-to-edge sharpness achieved by lateral chromatic aberration reduction/automatic distortion control

Unlike other correction methods that simply eliminate the colors of chromatic aberration, Nikon's lateral chromatic aberration reduction compensates for the differences in the resolving sizes of each color. This proves especially effective for reducing image distortion at the edges of a frame and for improving image quality throughout the entire frame, regardless of the NIKKOR lenses used. If you set "On" for "Auto distortion control" when using G or D lenses*, barrel distortion caused by a wide-angle lens or pin-cushion distortion caused by a telephoto lens can be compensated.

  • *PC, fisheye, and certain other lenses excluded.

Special Effects bring more creative expression with simple operation, which you can confirm in real time

The D7100 comes equipped with seven options of Special Effects, delivering visual expression only available with digital photography. You can produce creative images that best reflect your intentions, whether stills or movies, by applying special effects via simple operation of the camera only. As the result of an effect is displayed on the LCD monitor in real time during live view, you can set the effects while confirming the appearance of your picture. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced photographer, this wide range of effects meets creative demands and greatly expands your range of expression.

Special Effects incorporated in the D7100:

- [Night vision] Expands your shooting range with super-high sensitivity
Easily shoot at super-high sensitivity in extremely low-light conditions. It is possible to utilize this mode in night shooting for photojournalism or observing nocturnal wild animals. This mode records monochrome (black and white) images.

- [Color sketch]* For sketch-style images
The camera detects and colors subjects' outlines to create sketch-style images. Vividness of colors and density of outlines are adjustable. Beneficial for shooting architecture with delicate features and photographing landscape or flowers with details.

Note: Movies shot in this mode play back like a slide show made up of a series of stills.

- [Miniature effect]* Turn a landscape photo into a portrayal of a diorama
Distant subjects appear as if they are miniature scale models. The position of the focus point remains sharp while the peripheral area is defocused. This is particularly effective when shooting a bird's-eye view of subjects such as railroads, seaports, airports, streets full of traffic, a group of buildings or crowds.

Note: Miniature effect movies play back at high speed.

- [Selective color]* Creates a cinematic or commercial-like impression
All colors other than the colors you want to emphasize are recorded in black and white. Up to three colors are selectable and the color range can be adjusted in values from 1 to 7.

- [Silhouette] Bestows a dramatic effect on subjects
Recreates silhouettes of the main subjects against a bright background for dramatic results.

- [High key] Creates images full of light
Produces beautiful bright images filled with light by intentional overexposure. This is particularly effective when shooting subjects in white, such as flowers or subjects in white clothes.

- [Low key] For dignified, somber images, suitable for hard subjects like metal and machinery
Creates dark and somber images to emphasize highlights by intentional underexposure.

  • *It is possible to apply these effects to still images after shooting using retouch menus.
Without effect
With [Night vision]
Without effect
With [Color sketch]
Without effect
With [Miniature effect]

Special Effects sample movies

With [Miniature effect]
Lens: AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-300mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR
© Robert Bösch
With [Color sketch]
Lens: AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR II
© Robert Bösch

Note: The videos shown here were taken using D-Movie function of the D7100, edited, then converted to Flash Video format for ease of handling. Image quality varies from the original.

16 options of Scene Modes that let the camera automatically select the best settings for the scene

Choose a mode according to the scene, and the D7100 automatically selects the most appropriate settings to deliver a beautiful image. You can view the currently selected Scene Mode by rotating the mode dial to "SCENE" and pressing the Info button. To choose another Scene Mode, rotate the main command dial. Scene Modes enable you to easily create beautifully effective pictures of scenes which previously have been difficult to achieve.

Scene Modes of the D7100:

Portrait, Landscape, Child, Sports, Close up, Night portrait, Night landscape, Party/Indoor, Beach/Snow, Sunset, Dusk/Dawn, Pet portrait, Candlelight, Blossom, Autumn colors, Food