The fullest feature set

Enjoy expressing your creativity with the built-in flash

The D610's built-in flash has a guide number of approx. 12/39 (m/ft, ISO 100, 20°C/68°F) and provides coverage for the angle of view of a 24 mm lens. The superior flash control accuracy only Nikon can provide is highly praised by professionals and realizes flash shooting with natural light.

Built-in flash commander function enables a variety of creative lighting

Furthermore, the built-in flash incorporates a commander function that supports Advanced Wireless Lighting. It can control a single group or two independent groups containing several remote Speedlights wirelessly. By lighting from a wide range of directions, you can enjoy shooting with a variety of lights, for example, shooting flowers vividly, rendering face lines and details sharply and reproducing the subtle textures of subjects.

Built-in flash of the D610
The SB-700, placed in a portable softbox, was wirelessly triggered using the commander function of the built-in flash, illuminating the subject from one side.
The subject is rendered softly in natural-looking light.

Remote control accessories give extra shooting versatility

WU-1b Wireless Mobile Adapter (optional) that enables remote shooting and transmission of images to a smart device

By attaching the optional WU-1b Wireless Mobile Adapter to the D610's USB connector, two-way communication between the camera and a smart device such as a smartphone or tablet computer with built-in wireless communication function is possible. By using the remote shooting function that allows you to release the shutter of a camera from a distance, it is possible to use the monitor display of the smart device as a live view display and shoot from the best angle. The taken images can be transmitted wirelessly and you can enjoy a variety of applications such as uploading to an SNS or attaching them to a mail easily. The WU-1b is compatible with smart devices using the Android™ OS and iOS.

WU-1b Wireless Mobile Adapter

Note: Using the WU-1b connected to a smart device requires you to install Wireless Mobile Utility (Can be downloaded free from the application store of each smart device) to the device prior to use.

- Wireless Mobile Utility

Wireless Mobile Utility is software enabling download of images from a camera to a smart device or operation of a camera from a smart device for taking an image by attaching the WU-1b Wireless Mobile Adapter.

Supports Android OS 2.3 series, 3.x series and 4.x series, iOS 5.1 and 5.1.1.

Note: Can be downloaded from Google Play or App Store (free).

Wireless Remote Controllers with further enhanced convenience using radio transmission

Utilizing 2.4-GHz radio waves, the WR-1 and WR-R10/WR-T10 Wireless Remote Controllers widely expand the flexibility of remote control. Unlike remote controllers that use infrared rays, they enable remote controlling over long distances. You can employ them to release shutters, even if obstacles, such as trees, stand in the way. Driving AF by half-pressing the shutter-release button of the controller and continuous shooting by pressing the shutter-release button longer are available. Furthermore, with the capability to control multiple cameras, these controllers can be employed for a variety of shooting scenarios; you can shoot stills or movies* simultaneously using several cameras with different lenses attached or cameras positioned at different angles; if you divide cameras into groups and assign a channel to each, you can control each group independently and perform such operations as shooting stills with one group and recording movies* immediately after with a different group.

  • *Movie recording is possible with the D4, D800 series, D610, D600, D7100 and D5200.

Advanced multifunctional WR-1 Wireless Remote Controller (optional)

The WR-1 is an advanced multifunctional remote controller. When one WR-1 is configured as a transmitter and another as a receiver, which is attached to the D7100, it is possible to view or change the camera settings*1 using the display of the transmitter. Utilizing radio waves, the communication range between WR-1 units is up to 120 m/394 ft*2. Fifteen channels are available. Besides remote control of a camera with a WR-1 (used as a receiver) attached, achieved by operation of another WR-1 (used as a transmitter) *3, there are various remote shooting options, such as: simultaneous release of shutters on several cameras; release of shutters on several cameras synchronized with a master camera that has a WR-1 attached*4; remote control of each group of cameras separately, and Interval Timer Photography. Remote shooting by combining the WR-1 with WR-R10/WR-T10 is also possible*3.

WR-1 Wireless Remote Controller
  • *1Functions limited. Exposure modes (viewing, but not changing, is available), shutter speed/aperture value (Availability of viewing and changing settings depends on the exposure mode in use), ISO sensitivity, etc.
  • *22 Approximate range at height of about 1.2 m/4 ft; varies with weather conditions and presence or absence of obstacles.
  • *3This requires pairing the WR-1, WR-R10 and WR-T10 units in use. Maximum number of controllers that can be paired: 20 (WR-1) or 64 (WR-R10).
  • *4Only a camera with a ten-pin remote terminal can be employed as a master camera in Synchronized Release.

Remote controlling becomes easy with WR-R10/WR-T10 Wireless Remote Controllers (optional)

The maximum communication distance between the WR-R10 and WR-T10 is 20 m/66 ft*. You can control a single or multiple cameras with a WR-R10 attached (number of cameras is unlimited) by using the WR-T10 as a transmitter.

  • *Approximate range at height of about 1.2 m/4 ft; varies with weather conditions and presence or absence of obstacles.
WR-T10 Wireless Remote Controller (Transmitter)
WR-R10 Wireless Remote Controller (Transceiver)
WR-10 Wireless Remote Controller Set (WR-R10, WR-T10 and WR-A10*)
  • *Converting adapter for attaching WR-R10 to an SLR camera with a ten-pin remote terminal

Scene Modes choose the most appropriate settings according to shooting scenes

The D610 incorporates Scene Modes. If you select a mode according to the scene, the D610 automatically chooses the most appropriate settings. There are a variety of modes such as High key, Low key, Landscape, Sunset and Silhouette.

Scene Modes employed on the D610

Portrait, Landscape, Child, Sports, Close up, Night portrait, Night landscape, Party/Indoor, Beach/Snow, Sunset, Dust/Dawn, Pet portrait, Candlelight, Blossom, Autumn colors, Food, Silhouette, High key, Low key

Extensive retouch menus

The D610 comes equipped with a wide range of image-editing menus. Captured images and movies can be edited in-camera without using a computer. The extensive retouch menus include NEF (RAW) processing that enables functions such as White balance that offers selectable auto modes of A1 (Normal) and A2 (Keep warm lighting colors), Vignette control and D-Lighting. Also, there are a variety of menus like Selective color, Straighten, Distortion control, Color sketch and Miniature effect. Moreover, Edit movie allows you to choose the start and end points simultaneously, and it is also possible to save a selected frame as a JPEG image. The D610 incorporates retouch button (doubles as Picture Control button) on the back of the camera to enhance operability.

Retouch menus incorporated in the D610:

• D-Lighting • Red-eye correction • Trim • Monochrome • Filter effects • Color balance • Image overlay • NEF (RAW) processing • Resize • Quick retouch • Straighten • Distortion control • Fisheye • Color outline • Color sketch • Perspective control • Miniature effect • Selective color • Edit movie

Retouch button that allows instant access to the retouch menu after shooting

Remote control software — Camera Control Pro 2 (optional)

Camera Control Pro 2 is remote control software that operates various functions and activities of the D610 from a computer to enhance the productivity of remote shooting. Besides exposure mode, shutter speed and aperture settings, it allows you to switch between live view of stills and movies and adjust white balance. You can also display audio level indicators on a computer during movie recording.

NIKON IMAGE SPACE — Nikon's easy-to-understand, simple-to-use image sharing and storage service

"NIKON IMAGE SPACE" is a free, online image sharing and storage service. With a rapid, highly convenient user interface and simple operation flow, you can upload/download, browse, organize and share pictures and movies, as well as coordinate with SNS, smoothly and simply. "Basic account," with a maximum of 2 GB storage space, is available to all registered users. "Special account," that can be used by Nikon digital camera owners, offers storage space up to 20 GB and various useful functions, including the ability to set a password when sharing images and restrict image download.