Live view shooting/Vari-angle LCD monitor

Capture it from a dramatic point of view

Unique angles make exceptional pictures: Wide 8.1-cm/3.2-in. vari-angle  LCD Monitor

Sometimes the best angle for a picture may not be at eye level, but with most cameras or smart devices it is difficult to compose from a high or low perspective. For truly unique points of view, try the D5300's vari-angle LCD monitor. The wide 8.1-cm/3.2-in., approx. 1037k-dot super-sharp and bright LCD monitor opens horizontally from 0° to 180° and can flip up and down from +180° to -90°. Now it's just as easy to shoot above a crowd  as it is to compose close to ground level, while still viewing the full image displayed across the entire screen.

Seamless autofocus performance in live view

The D5300 boasts improved autofocus performance for both live view shooting and video recording. The improved subject-tracking AF and full-time-servo AF (AF-F) keep your subjects in sharp focus as they move.
Face-priority AF is also available. In combination with NIKKOR lenses, the D5300 delivers fast, accurate autofocus during video shooting.

Three servo modes — selectable focusing that suits your subject

-Single-servo AF (AF-S)

Suitable for stationary subjects such as landscapes, architecture and flowers.

-Full-time-servo AF (AF-F)

Convenient for shooting moving subjects such as an athlete or pet. Available in both live view mode and movie recording. Camera focuses continuously as the subject moves.

-Manual focus (MF)

Suitable for subjects that are usually difficult for autofocus systems to handle, such as an animal in a cage or a person in the shade with the sun in the background.

Four AF-area modes in live view — selectable according to your subject

-Face-priority AF

Suitable for focusing on someone's face such as for a commemorative photo.

-Wide-area AF

Suitable for handheld shooting such as for a landscape. The focus point can be moved to a desired point within the frame.

-Normal-area AF

Convenient for pinpoint focus, such as when shooting a close-up of a flower or other small subjects. Using a tripod is recommended for more precise focusing.

-Subject-tracking AF

After focusing is activated, the focus point tracks the subject automatically. Suitable for moving subjects such as children or pets.

Wide full-image display

Taking advantage of the D5300's wide 8.1-cm/3.2-in., approx. 1037k-dot LCD monitor, the aspect ratio has been changed from 4:3 to 3:2, enabling the whole area of pictures and movies to be shown on the screen so that you can check the details from edge to edge.