Share the moment now, beautifully and simply

Send your best shots with just a few simple steps: Wi-Fi® built-in

Let the picture sharing begin: the D5300 has built-in Wi-Fi®. No wires or attachments are necessary — all you need is your camera and your smart device. Simply pick the images you want and they will be ready to send to your smartphone or tablet. You can also transfer images wirelessly without interrupting your shooting. No special computer skills are needed. Now you are free to share them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other social networking sites, and because they were taken with the D5300, your pictures will attract immediate attention and "likes". The D5300 makes it simple to share great shots while they're still fresh.

Share pictures taken with D5300 easily
  • NOTE: All display in this illustration are from Android devices.

Your smart device as remote monitor and remote controller

The benefit of Wi-Fi® connection doesn't stop with viewing images: it can also help you capture them. The remote shooting function lets you release the shutter from a distance, while your smart device can operate like a remote live view monitor to confirm the image. It's perfect for taking group photo.

Free yourself up with wireless remote shooting
  • *When Normal-area AF or Wide-area AF is set in AF-area mode of the camera.
  • NOTE: Wireless Mobile Utility needs to be downloaded to your smart device to enable this Wi-Fi® function. All display in this illustration are from Android devices.

The app on your device: quick and easy

To prepare your smart device for connection, simply download the Wireless Mobile Utility from the appropriate application store. It's fast, easy, and free.

Wireless Mobile Utility
Top menu
Remote shooting
Selecting images to download
  • NOTE: All display in this illustration are from Android devices.

Enrich your sharing experience: GPS built-in

With the built-in GPS, your travels are about to become even more interesting, now that you can save location information* as Exif  data on images, all without attachments or accessories.

  • *Compatibility varies by country.

Map view function enhances photographic enjoyment

The built-in GPS unit receives radio signals from GPS satellites.
Taken pictures can be displayed at its shooting location
ViewNX 2
Route of movement can be recorded
The recorded location data can be displayed on NIKON IMAGE SPACE, ViewNX 2 (supplied with the D5300) or other digital mapping software on the market.

Create track logs

With the D5300, you can create track logs with the location information. The camera's location data unit can record your latitude, longitude, altitude and time (UTC: Coordinated Universal Time) onto an SD card (Duration selectable: 6 h, 12 h, 24 h; Interval selectable: 15 s, 30 s, 60 s.). This function can work even when the camera is turned off. All this location data can be imported into ViewNX 2 and the map view on NIKON IMAGE SPACE.

A-GPS (Assisted GPS) support

Using assisted GPS (A-GPS or aGPS) files reduces the time needed for the built-in location data unit to determine the current position. Before using the GPS function, it is recommended to download the latest data to a SD-card, then update the D5300's A-GPS data.

NIKON IMAGE SPACE: Nikon's image sharing and storage service

In addition to showing your pictures via email and social networks, you can also take advantage of NIKON IMAGE SPACE: Nikon's image sharing and storage service. Nikon users qualify for storage space of up to 20 GB, free of charge. Dedicated smart device application is also available for convenient storage and browsing.