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Automatic Control

Identifies the situation of the subject precisely for reliable auto control —
Scene Recognition System

The D5100 employs a 420-pixel RGB sensor. The camera detects brightness and colors finely within a frame, in 420 segments, and identifies the situation of the subject accurately before shooting to achieve highly precise auto control. It analyzes brightness and color information of the shooting scenes and applies this to autofocus, auto exposure, i-TTL flash control and auto white balance. Also, the D5100 detects human faces utilizing the Face Detection System when using face-priority AF during Live View and movie recording, and playback zoom of people's faces for still images.

Identifies the light source precisely — auto white balance

The D5100 analyzes color and brightness information of the scene utilizing the light source identification function of Scene Recognition System and detects the light source precisely by referencing the in-camera database for auto white balance. In this way, it can determine the ideal white balance even with difficult light sources.

Captures a subject precisely — 11-point AF system

The D5100's high-speed and highly accurate 11-point AF system will not miss a subject or moment you want to capture. A cross-type sensor covers the most frequently used center area to deliver superior subject-acquisition and focusing performance. With Scene Recognition System, the D5100 shows enhanced subject identification. Also, the camera employs superimposed indicators for bright and easy-to-see viewfinder information. Focus points are displayed clearly.

Viewfinder display

Selectable AF-area modes according to your subject

-Single-point AF
Ideal for stationary subjects. You can focus on the subject selecting one of the 11 focus points according to your composition.

-Dynamic-area AF
Suitable for capturing an erratically moving subject. Select one of the 11 focus points. If the subject briefly leaves the selected focus point, the camera will focus based on information from the surrounding points.

-Auto-area AF
The D5100 detects the subject using information from all 11 focus points and automatically focuses on it.

-3D-tracking (11 points)
The D5100 focuses on a subject using a selected focus point. Once focusing is achieved with the selected focus point, the focus point automatically changes to track the subject even if it moves or composition is changed while the shutter-release button is pressed halfway.

Shoots your subject beautifully and automatically — 16 options of Scene Modes

If you select a mode according to the scene, the D5100 automatically chooses the most appropriate settings to achieve a beautiful image. Five frequently used Scene Modes such as Portrait and Landscape can be directly selected using the mode dial. For other modes such as Sunset, Dusk/dawn and Food, set the mode dial to SCENE and select the mode by rotating the command dial. You can capture scenes which previously had been difficult to shoot, easily and beautifully.

Scene Modes employed on the D5100
Portrait Portrait •Landscape Landscape •Child Child •Sports Sports •Close up Close up •Night portrait Night portrait •Night landscape Night landscape
Party/indoor Party/indoor •Beach/snow Beach/snow •Sunset Sunset •Dusk/dawn Dusk/dawn •Pet portrait Pet portrait •Candlelight Candlelight •Blossom Blossom
Autumn colors Autumn colors •Food Food

Selects the optimal scene mode automatically —
Scene Auto Selector (only available in Live View shooting)

During Live View shooting with the mode dial set to Auto or Auto (flash off), Scene Auto Selector* automatically activates the most suitable scene mode according to the shooting scene or subject. The icon of the selected mode such as Landscape and Portrait is displayed at the top left of the monitor.

  • *When using AF.
Scene Modes automatically selected by Scene Auto Selector during Live View
  • *Selected when the camera identifies situations not covered by Portrait, Landscape, Close up or Night portrait mode, or for scenes suited to Auto or Auto (flash off).