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Full HD Movies

D-Movie - Breathtaking full HD 1080p movies [NEW]

Discover the difference a digital SLR makes when shooting movies. A wide selection of NIKKOR lenses gives you freedom to explore different angles and obtain lovely defocused backgrounds while D3100’s advanced imaging system assures outstanding quality. And for action sequences, new Subject-tracking AF keeps subjects properly focused.
After the shoot, view movies on the large 7.5-cm (3-in.) LCD monitor and perform simple editing tasks like trimming scenes before or after a designated point and extracting still images. HDMI compatibility* lets you connect D3100 to an HDTV with playback managed by the TV’s remote control**.
* Via HDMI mini-pin connector.
** HDMI CEC-compatible TVs only.

D-Movie Sample 1

D-Movie frame size, frame rate and maximum recording times

Frame size (pixels)
Frame rate
Maximun recording time
1,920 x 1080 (Full HD)
24p (23.976fps)
10 min
1,280 x 720 (HD)
30p (29.97fps)
10 min
1,280 x 720 (HD)
25p (25fps)
10 min
1,280 x 720 (HD)
24p (23.976fps)
10 min
640 x 424 (SD)
24p (23.976fps)
10 min

File format
Video compression
H.264/MPEG-4 Advanced Video Coding
Audio recording format
Linear PCM
Audio recording device
Built-in monaural microphone

Live View - Live View with new AF modes and large 7.5-cm (3-in.) monitor

Live View gives you an intuitive, familiar way to photograph playful pets or children on the move. Just flip a switch and you're ready to go. When Live View is activated and new full-time-servo AF (AF-F) is selected, the camera keeps subjects in focus without having to press the shutter-release button - convenient for photos and movies. There is also new face-priority AF that locks focus on faces, even on people not directly facing the camera. Live View makes D3100 as easy to use as a compact camera.

AF Mode for Live View and Movie Shooting
- New autofocus (AF) modes help capture moving subjects

Three AF modes - single-servo AF (AF-S), full-time-servo AF (AF-F) and manual focus (MF) - are available when using Live View or shooting movies.
For movies, use AF-F with subject-tracking AF. These help maintain focus on a selected subject and work together to continuously track a subject as it moves through the frame, realizing camcorder-like focusing.

Full-time-servo AF (AF-F)

Autofocus automatically begins after Live View is activated, tracking the subject continuously without having to press the shutter-release button.

Note: When shooting movies, noise from the lens motor may be recorded.

Single-servo AF (AF-S)

Great for stationary subjects. Focus locks when the shutter-release button is pressed halfway.

Manual focus (MF)

Focus manually.

AF-area modes for live view and movies - Four modes to capture subject

When using Live View or shooting movies, choose from four AF-area modes depending on the subject: normal-area AF, wide-area AF, face-priority AF, and subject-tracking AF.

Normal-area AF

Offers pinpoint precision when focusing on a small area - ideal when using a tripod.

Wide-area AF

A good all-round choice for a variety of subjects, both moving and stationary. It is especially well-suited for handheld shooting.

Face-priority AF

The camera can recognize up to 35 faces at a time then focus on the face that is determined to be nearest. Even if people in the frame move, the camera continues tracking and focusing.

Subject-tracking AF

D3100 ‘memorizes' a subject then automatically tracks it even if it moves. Should the subject momentarily leave the frame, the camera starts tracking again once it re-enters. By using this with AF-F (full-time-servo AF) you can also maintain focus on the subject while tracking. This is a great way to photograph active children and pets.

Note: Autofocus operation is interrupted while the camera is tracking the subject.