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Color Variation
  • * Color availability may vary according to region

16.0 effective megapixels with lens-shift VR (Vibration Reduction) and Backside illumination CMOS image sensor

With such distinctive features, you can capture clear, beautiful pictures even when shooting at the maximum telephoto position of the zoom range. High resolution ensures brilliant results whether you've zoomed way out to take in a big open vista or zoomed right in for a close-up portrait.

12x optical zoom with wide-angle 25 mm coverage*

The wide-angle 25 mm to super-telephoto 300 mm coverage* of the 12x optical zoom provides an exceptionally versatile range to a slim, stylish, comfortable-to-hold camera.

  • * 35mm format equivalent

Wi-Fi® compatibility keeps you smartly connected

Wireless LAN capability gives you the freedom to transfer photos and movies taken with the camera to other smart devices with Wi-Fi®, such as smartphones and tablets*.

  • * This function requires installing a Wireless Mobile Utility to the smart device prior to use. This can be downloaded from Google Play™ or App Store at no charge.
    Compatible OSs: iOS 6.0 or later, Android 2.3 or later (smartphone)/Android 3.0 or later (tablet).

Enhanced Glamour retouch functions

You can apply Glamour retouch in various ways on faces in pictures without using a computer to edit.
Now, five new functions (Brighten faces, Hide eye bags, Whiten eyes, Whiten teeth and Redden cheeks) are introduced in addition to the existing Skin softening, Small face and Big eyes functions.
These features can greatly expand the range of expression and creativity by adding a distinctive touch to your pictures.

Smile timer continuous mode for best smile function

You won't have to miss a chance to capture a brilliant but momentary smile. After detecting a smile on the face of a subject, Smile timer continuous mode automatically releases the shutter five times in quick succession, then selects and stores the photo featuring the best smile.

Other features

  • High-performance NIKKOR lens
  • EXPEED C2 image-processing engine
  • Quick effects for taken images
  • Special effects available when shooting pictures or movies

Notes: Full HD refers to this camera's ability to record movies in 1920 x 1080 format. Images shown on this page are simulated.

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