An extensive range of add-on accessories

DF-CP1 Optical Viewfinder

Gives you more freedom in determining composition. It covers the angle of view of a 28 mm lens (35mm [135] format equivalent; frame coverage 90% at infinity).

Adapter Ring/Lens Hood

The UR-E24 Adapter Ring is used to attach on HN-CP18 lens hood and filters with a diameter of 46 mm available in the market. The HN-CP18 Lens Hood can prevent unwanted stray light from entering, thus minimizing lens flare.

HN-CP18 Lens Hood
UR-E24 Adapter Ring

Optional Speedlight

When you want more power and creative capability than the built-in flash, try using one of Nikon's range of optional Speedlights. Just a simple bounce flash technique — angling the flash to "bounce" light off a ceiling or nearby wall — can make a big difference to an image. Your subject and shooting scenario will be bathed in softer light, with less harsh, unnatural shadows that can occur with a direct flash. Bounce flash shots are just the beginning. See where a Nikon Speedlight can take your photography.

GP-1 GPS Unit

The COOLPIX A is compatible with the GP-1 GPS Unit for recording EXIF data regarding the latitude, longitude and altitude of your shooting locations and embedding this information into your image data. What's more, online image sharing services like NIKNON IMAGE SPACE (Nikon's new and improved image sharing and storage service website) and commercially available digital mapping software are all at your disposal, so you can share and enjoy your photography even more.

WU-1a Wireless Mobile Adapter

With the optional WU-1a Wireless Mobile Adapter connected, you can wirelessly transmit images taken by the COOLPIX A to a smart device* such as smartphone or tablet so that you can share your images via email or social networking services (SNS). What's more, images can be taken by using a compatible smartphone or other smart device to release the camera shutter remotely from a distance while monitoring images in the smart device screen.

  • *This function requires installing a Wireless Mobile Utility to the smart device prior to use. This can be downloaded from the application store of each smart device (free).

Exclusive Nikon software — expand your creativity

Your Imaging Toolbox — ViewNX 2 (supplied)

This simple and intuitive software helps you get the most out of your images and movies after shooting. ViewNX 2 provides importing and browsing capability while also incorporating image-editing functions such as Resize, Brightness, Crop, Straighten and NEF (RAW) image processing. High-definition and high-quality RAW processing is achieved by utilizing the same processing algorithm as Capture NX 2 that faithfully reproduces Nikon image quality. Its movie-editing functions help you create your own original movies quickly and easily, and Nikon's new and improved image sharing and storage service, NIKON IMAGE SPACE, works smoothly with ViewNX 2, allowing you to log in directly from the software for easy uploading without activating a browser.

Quick and simple image-editing software with intuitive operation — Capture NX 2 (optional)

Nikon's RAW images (NEF: Nikon Electronic Format) maintain extremely rich data. Only Nikon's Capture NX 2 can fully utilize this data with its optimized file format and software processing algorithms. With the enhanced speed of the algorithms, high-speed processing is achieved. This enables high-speed, stress-free editing even if the data size is large. Also, Capture NX 2 supports 64-bit (native) to realize a comfortable working environment. You can focus on editing with ease because it is possible to leave the original image intact with NEF editing. In addition to the intuitive and simple editing using Color Control Points, it incorporates various functions such as Auto Retouch brush, Batch Processing, Quick Fix, Straighten Tool, Vignette Control, Auto Color Aberration Control and Distortion Control.

Note: For further details of the latest version or operating environment, please visit Nikon's website.