Design and controls

Designed for an authentic feel

In addition to its high performance, fine optics and state-of-the-art internal mechanisms, the COOLPIX A is designed to convey Nikon's exceptional standards by taking on the authentic look and feel of great photographic equipment.

Parts and controls

The buttons, dials and switches are all crafted to assure comfort in every operation. With manual options like focus ring adjustment, you wield precision control that can be useful when you want to inject your own creative intention into an image. What's more, most of the operation system and the GUI are consistent with Nikon D-SLRs, so you can be confident using the COOLPIX A as a substitute for a D-SLR.

Robust metal frame

Built for endurance, the compact COOLPIX A body is encased in a tough aluminum alloy, with a top surface covered by magnesium alloy for true durability. With a leatherette grip and dials cut from a metal block, the COOLPIX A conveys the feeling of authentic photographic gear. This and a myriad other design details serve as valuable examples of Nikon's unique heritage of craftsmanship.

7.5 cm/3-in., high-resolution, approx. 921k-dot LCD monitor

Featuring an integrated panel and glass structure, the large, high-resolution TFT LCD monitor remains viewable even in bright sunlight. The new structure minimizes internal reflections for clearer visibility, all while providing a wide viewing angle for more comfortable viewing.