18.5mm* f/2.8 lens

  • *Equivalent to 28 mm in 35mm [135] format

Ultra-compact NIKKOR lens comparable to D-SLR interchangeable lenses

Designed exclusively for a slim, compact body, this NIKKOR lens features incredible optical performance in an ultra-compact configuration of seven elements in five groups. Thanks to the lens-integrated camera body structure, the overall system — including the sensor and mechanical controls — has been optimized to achieve the ultimate optical quality.

The advantage of 18.5 mm* wide-angle coverage

The 18.5 mm* angle is excellent for most subjects, including landscape, architecture, documentary, close-up or candid shooting. The versatile wide-angle lens encourages your spontaneity, enabling you to instantly capture any moment that attracts your attention while still retaining your subjects' natural expressions. You can also use the wide-angle advantage to emphasize the perspective for dramatic effects. Unlike zoom lenses, the fixed focal length ensures exceptional edge-to-edge optical performance. Wherever you go, whatever catches your eye, the COOLPIX A is ready to capture it beautifully.

  • *Equivalent to 28 mm in 35mm [135] format

Exceptional resolution, color reproduction and bokeh

The COOLPIX A corrects and compensates for spherical aberration and coma to realize images comparable to those captured with D-SLR interchangeable lenses. The lens inside the COOLPIX A incorporates a seven-blade iris diaphragm. In addition to incredible detail at the focus points, employing an odd number of blades results in a beautiful, circular bokeh (background blur) effect.

MTF Chart

Spatial Frequencies
S: Sagittal
M: Meridional
10 lines/mm
30 lines/mm