Expanded creativity

Movie Editing Software - Short Movie Creator

Create your own feature film by simply dragging and dropping

The Short Movie Creator shares the joy of editing movies by making it fun and easy for all. Simply install the Short Movie Creator software included with the camera onto your PC. All you have to do next is choose the desired visual effects and music. The software will automatically edit the selected scenes so you can create remarkable, original videos in minutes. Select your favorite scene and the software will build the movie around it to suit your preferences. You can also easily upload and share the movies you create on YouTube™ and other video sharing websites. If you want to watch these movies on your camera's LCD monitor, you can transfer them onto the memory card. By using the software together with the ViewNX 2, you can fully enjoy your special moments as still images, movies, and as Motion Snapshots to the absolute fullest.

  • *YouTube™ is a trademark of YouTube, LLC.

Your Imaging Toolbox - ViewNX 2

Now captured images have the potential to become even more exquisite

Is there a disorganized array of photographs and movies on your PC?
Managing photographs and movies you have taken can be fun and easy when you use the accessory software, ViewNX 2. You can import, view, edit and share your images with this single software.
Not only will you be able to rotate and change file sizes, you will also be able to adjust the brightness, crop, correct tilting, create RAW images, edit HD movies, and plot shots with GPS data. You can even create your very own original movie in HD quality, and enjoy new tools of creative expression, including the Motion Snapshot and Smart Photo Selector, to your heart's content.

Enjoy vibrant photographs on the large screen TV

Nikon 1 comes equipped with a mini HDMI pin. By connecting the camera to a high-definition TV using an HDMI cable, you can sit back and enjoy your photographs and movies on a dynamic, large screen display.

  • *When you connect the camera to the TV, the camera's LCD will turn itself off.
  • *You can shoot still images and movies while the camera is connected to the TV.