The most important functions should be the simplest to use

You may have never used some of the buttons or dial modes on your camera. Nikon 1 represents the pinnacle of usability. We have intuitively simplified the functions on the mode dial. It is selectable only from four main functions: Still image mode, Movie mode, Motion Snapshot mode, and Smart Photo Selector mode. The only buttons you will find on the top of the camera are the power switch, shutter-release button, and movie-record button so you will have an amazing range of functions at your fingertips with extremely simple operability. Set free from technicalities and complicated operation, you can capture the desired image faster and more unfailingly.

mode dial
top of the camera

Scene Auto Selector

Shoot as your heart dictates; the camera will capture the desired image unfailingly

Are functions that should be helping you to capture beautiful images actually disturbing you from taking a desired picture?
Most of the functions Nikon 1 is equipped with are automatic, freeing you from complicated operations so that you can focus on taking the shot. In the Scene Auto Selector mode, you don't need an elaborate set-up, nor do you need to be camera savvy. When you are taking a photograph of a person, the camera will automatically select the "Portrait" mode. When shooting at dusk or at nigh, it will switch to the "Night Portrait" mode. When shooting the cityscape or scenery, it will select the "Landscape" mode.
And, it will choose the "Close-up" mode when shooting something very close up. The camera will detect the subject and the setting and automatically select the optimal mode for your convenience. All you have to do is find something or someone you want to shoot and press the shutter-release button.

  • *Depending on the shooting conditions, the camera may not select the desired scene mode.
    If there is no appropriate scene mode, the camera will switch to the Auto mode.

High-resolution, high-contrast electronic viewfinder

The Nikon 1 V1 features an ample 1.44M-dot high-resolution electronic viewfinder with an approx.100% frame coverage.
The exclusive color filter prevents color breakup. The EVF effectively and seamlessly reproduces moving subjects.