Capture the best movie and the best shot without missing a single moment

To date, you had to choose between shooting movies or photographs to capture a special moment. With the Nikon 1, you can now shoot high resolution still images, while shooting high quality, full HD (1980 x 1080 60i) movies simultaneously. Our advanced technology allows you to take advantage of the blur effect, which only interchangeable lens cameras can offer, to shoot extremely dramatic movies. Nikon 1's phase-detection AF follows the subject, keeping it in focus at all times. Even while you are shooting a movie, you can capture high resolution still images without interruption and without changing the mode dial. Whether it is photographs or movies. Both can be yours with the Nikon 1.


Discover subtle details you could not catch with the naked eye

By controlling the lapse of time, we have discovered a way to expose new fragments in time. With the Slow Motion Movie function of the Nikon 1, you can delay the lapse of time in your scene, revealing layers of fun and excitement that were previously undetectable by the naked eye. For example, using the Slow Motion Movie function at 400fps you can capture the dynamic spray of sand thrown up by a four wheeler, and at 1,200fps you can capture every spark of a fireworks display. With this camera's Slow Motion Movie, you can make new discoveries everywhere you look.