Image Quality

Excellence in perfect balance

Drawing on years of advancing its proprietary technologies, Nikon has developed a truly innovative, advanced interchangeable-lens digital camera system that strikes a perfect balance between compact size, high speed, and impeccable image quality.
Nikon 1 features a powerful, revolutionary new CX format CMOS sensor, a newly developed Nikon 1 mount, and EXPEED 3, the new high-speed image processing engine specifically designed for the Nikon 1.
Together they bring to life state-of-the-art performance in an amazingly small, lightweight body.


Get one step closer to beauty as you see it.

If you could capture minute details of light and shadow in high contrast environment, you would have more opportunities to capture remarkable images without disappointing.
Nikon's Active D-Lighting optimizes the balance of high contrast scenes to restore details often lost under strong lighting, allowing you to capture scenes with optimal results.
Matrix metering settings enable you to adjust the exposure to produce natural results for every situation and every subject. By controlling overexposure and preserving subtle features of underexposed areas, Active D-Lighting will create well-balanced results.


emonstrate your photographic expertise by creating customized images

You cannot only capture your special moments, but you can also transform the look and feel of your images, just as you imagine them. Picture Control is Nikon's unique system that enables you to flexibly control and adjust the image settings to suit your preferences. You can choose from among 6 different settings: Vivid, Monochrome, Neutral, Standard, Landscape, and Portrait. With these settings, you can sharpen an image by emphasizing the silhouette, or create a more vivid image by adjusting the saturation.
With ViewNX 2, you can also fine-tune your images even after they have been shot to match exactly what you envision. With simple settings and operation, Nikon's Picture Control will let you transform your images effortlessly and give you greater creative freedom.