Fastest AF x Most Focus Points in the World

From fast action to dark scenes – catch it all with Nikon AF.

Some AFs are better at taking certain shots than others.
That is why Nikon 1 is equipped with both a "focal plane phase-detection AF" superb for shooting fast action and a "contrast-detect AF" excellent for capturing subtle details in poorly lit areas.
Nikon 1’s advanced hybrid AF system intelligently selects the AF that best suits the scene and unfailingly delivers crisp, sharp images.
Nikon 1 also boasts a wide coverage of 73 points(*1) (41 focus areas in auto-area AF), which catches the subject with exceptional accuracy, significantly reducing blurry shots.

  • *World’s fastest autofocus: Among digital cameras with interchangeable lens, as determined by Nikon performance tests. Measured when using the single-point AF mode and the shortest focal length of a standard zoom lens (1 NIKKOR VR 10-30mm f/3.5-5.6). As of September 21, 2011.
  • *1You can choose any of 73 focus areas when using the single-point AF mode from user settings.

World's fastest continuous shooting, Max.10fps in AF-A mode / Max.60fps in AF-S mode

All hit. No miss. Now there’s no excuse.

Nikon 1 offers continuous shooting at unprecedented speeds.
sIn AF-S mode optimal for shooting stationary subjects, Nikon 1 realizes a continuous shooting speed of 60fps. And in AF-A mode, Nikon 1’s advanced autofocus technology constantly tracks the subject and captures an impressive series of sharp images at 10 fps. With this innovative feature, you can seamlessly capture special moments of even the most difficult shots – such as energetic children at play, action-packed scenes from a sporting event, and wildlife in motion. You may discover a new artistic point of view that you never knew existed before.

  • *World's fastest continuous shooting: When the operture value is f/5.6 or smaller with the shutter speed 1/60 or faster (as of September 5, 2011)
  • *With default settings, you can shoot at a high speed of 10fps by pressing down on the shutter-release button all the way. While shooting, the camera will be focused on the subject within the AF area in the center of the screen. Face-priority AF is not available.