HD movies with advanced movie mode

The Nikon 1 lets you shoot Full HD movies easily. At the same time, its advanced features expand your creativity. In advanced movie mode, you can shoot Full HD movies in any exposure mode—programmed auto, shutter-priority auto, aperture-priority auto, or manual. Set a slow shutter speed, for instance, to bring out the smooth surface of a flowing stream. Or, set minimum aperture to get a shallow depth of field, which is ideal for capturing the expressions of your subject. Once you start using different exposure modes, your imagination will soar. After you've shot your scenes, combine them to make an original movie using your Short Movie Creator software or Nikon Movie Editor software.

Time lapse of an extraordinary moment — slow motion

Use slow motion to look inside a high-speed scene and see much more than your eye can catch alone. This powerful Nikon 1 feature captures up to 3 seconds of action at either 400 or 1200 fps, and plays it back at approximately 30 fps. The resulting slow-motion scene reveals new perspectives on everything from sports to wildlife to kids at play. The only limit is your imagination.

Taking still pictures while recording a movie

While you record a Full HD movie with the Nikon 1, you can capture a beautiful still image any time by simply pressing the shutter-release button—your movie will continue to record seamlessly.