Nikon 1 J2

Nikon 1 J2 comes equipped with all the integral functions such as high-speed AF, high-speed continuous shooting, Motion Snapshot, and the Smart Photo Selector. What's more, it comes with a new creative mode that fuels your imagination.

Color Variation
  • * Color availability may vary according to region.
Advanced hybrid AF system
The perfect opportunity always arrives suddenly and lasts only for a moment. To capture that moment, instant focus on the subject is essential as is high-speed focus, especially when the subject is moving. Autofocus isn't the only thing that matters either; without a sharp and accurate focus, the moment could be lost. Nikon 1 is equipped with a hybrid AF system which realizes the super high-speed autofocus so accurate and sharp that you don't even feel it.
Nikon 1 J2 realizes high-quality images with an array of innovative functions all packed in a compact body. The lenses are also small and easy to carry, never letting you miss the opportune timing for a shot.
Creative mode
Fuel your imagination with the new, versatile creative mode. Just adjust the mode dial to the creative mode and select the desired effect from among the 8 options offered. With a few clicks, you can easily capture familiar landscapes as beautiful works of art.
  • [ Motion Snapshot ] A new imaging technology that incorporates the vibrancy of a movie into a still picture.
  • [ Smart Photo Selector ] It starts shooting before you even press the shutter.
    The camera chooses the best shot for you.
  • [ Taking photos during Full HD movie recording ] Simultaneous recording of movies and stills without dropping a single frame.
  • [ Full HD ] Enjoy Full HD movie recording.
  • [ Turning on/off with retractable lens ] You can switch the camera on and off by simply rotating the zoom ring on the lens
  • [ Built-in flash ] Inside. Outside. Get the light on your side.
  • [ Mount Adapter FT1 ] The extensive lineup of NIKKOR lenses may be used with Nikon 1 through this adapter.