Superior Operability

Action control

Adjust and shoot with unsurpassed ease.

The user interface designed for outdoor enthusiasts, Action control adds a whole new dimension to shooting ease. Rather than fumbling with multiple buttons and digging through endless menus — a major pain when shooting with gloves or when your hands are full — this new feature makes adjusting as easy as pressing a button and tilting the camera. All you do is hold down the conveniently located Action button, then tilt the camera left or right to select items such as shooting mode, display contrast/brightness and other settings from an intuitively designed layout. After releasing the button, your settings remain in place until you choose to change them again.

Change shooting mode

When shooting, tilt the camera to choose from one of the following modes: Auto, Creative, Advanced movie, Motion Snapshot or Best moment capture.

Menu: Outdoor display (on/off)

When viewing menus, tilt the camera to enable/disable Outdoor display. When enabled, monitor brightness and contrast automatically increase for maximum viewing ease.

Creative mode (underwater)

Immerse yourself in undersea artistry.

Shooting underwater presents its own unique challenges, chief among which is the blue color shift that increases as you explore deeper. The underwater setting in the Creative mode menu compensates for these changes to reproduce colors under the waves in all their natural beauty. Three easily selectable settings are available depending on where and how you shoot: Standard (when in the pool or snorkeling in the shallows); Scuba (when diving in deeper waters); and Close up (when shooting up close while using the built-in flash). Watch colors change as you adjust settings on the LCD monitor then select the one that you prefer most†.

  • † Not available when using the built-in flash.
  • * The risk of condensation can be reduced by attaching an optional filter (Filter AW 40.5 NC) designated specifically for use with Nikon 1 AW1. This filter is recommended when the camera is used underwater, or near water.

Easy panorama

Use this feature to shoot stunning panoramas. Capture majestic landscapes and stunning cityscapes in all their expansive glory. When shooting with a wide-angle lens, the panoramic effect is further enhanced.

Selective color

Pick out a colored object in a photo then highlight it against a monochrome background. A truly unique way to add an artistic flair to everyday shots.


Tame high-contrast scenes, such as those containing backlit subjects, to produce photos that closely resemble what the eye sees. When shooting in this mode, the camera combines multiple images shot at different exposures then combines them into one high dynamic range (HDR) photo that maintains details over the entire image, from shining highlights to deep shadows.


Add a gauzy, dreamy look to photos. This subdues tones and turns radiant sunshine into shimmering veils of light. Try it when shooting portraits for flattering results.

Night portrait

Shoot brilliant nighttime portraits that capture the natural ambience of the setting. The camera takes two shots — one of the main subject using flash and one without of the background — then combines them into a single lovely portrait.

Night landscape

Capture all the excitement of bright city lights without using a tripod. The camera takes consecutive shots at high speed then combines them into one striking photo with minimal blur and image noise.

Miniature effect

Make photos you are shooting resemble dioramas. This is great for turning everyday scenes into fascinating shots of toylike wonder.

Exposure mode (P/S/A/M)

P: Programmed auto
Let Nikon 1 AW1 automatically optimize both shutter speed and aperture for perfectly exposed photos.

S: Shutter-priority auto
Select a shutter speed and let the camera automatically set the proper aperture. This is ideal for controlling subject motion: Select fast shutter speeds to freeze action and slower ones to express movement.

A: Aperture-priority auto
Select an aperture and let the camera automatically set the proper shutter speed. This is ideal for controlling blur: Select large apertures (small f-numbers) to blur objects in the foreground/background and small apertures (large f-numbers) to clearly render objects in the foreground/background.

M: Manual
For complete creative control over subject motion and background/foreground blur, manually set both aperture and shutter speed.

Underwater white balance

True-to-life colors when shooting beneath the waves.

For critical control of white balance when diving, use the improved underwater white balance setting. When shooting underwater, images can be ruined by a greenish or bluish tint that normally occurs, depending on depth. This mode automatically corrects for these color shifts to deliver more natural colors of undersea life.

  • * The risk of condensation can be reduced by attaching an optional filter (Filter AW 40.5 NC) designated specifically for use with Nikon 1 AW1. This filter is recommended when the camera is used underwater, or near water.

Auto distortion control (underwater)

Maintain the natural shapes and forms of marine life.

Photos shot underwater can come out looking pinched at the middle and broader at the edges. Auto distortion control (underwater) effectively eliminates this distracting phenomenon by digitally straightening the image. The amount of correction is automatically applied. Simply enable this mode and your underwater subjects will closely resemble their natural shapes.

  • * The risk of condensation can be reduced by attaching an optional filter (Filter AW 40.5 NC) designated specifically for use with Nikon 1 AW1. This filter is recommended when the camera is used underwater, or near water.

Sensing functions

Keep track of your excursions. GPS/GLONASS, depth gauge, virtual horizon and more.

Nikon 1 AW1 offers a variety of environmental sensing functions that aid in tracking your outings as well as make composing easier, especially in less than ideal circumstances. All sensing information is included with your images as EXIF data, strings of data that show the location of a shot as well as altitude and water depth. There is also a virtual horizon indicator that helps you level the camera.


Remarkably bright and sharp display for outdoor viewing ease.

Increase contrast and/or brightness depending on the environment for optimum viewing comfort. These two settings ensure a crisp, bright view on the LCD monitor even when shooting outdoors. Display settings can easily be adjusted via Nikon 1 AW1's Action control feature.

Control lock

Shooting in extreme or dynamic environments runs the risk of inadvertently pressing the wrong controls. The control lock feature helps prevent this by letting you lock critical buttons. Simply adjust the camera then lock the desired buttons via the easy-to-understand interface.

LCD monitor

The 7.5-cm (3-in) monitor displays photos and movies at a crisp 921K-dot resolution. Designed for clear viewing from any angle, the monitor is ideal for sharing playback with others and enlarging images to confirm sharpness.

Live image control

What you see is what you get, before the shot.

Take the guesswork out of shooting while heightening creative enjoyment. Simply enable Live image control to see how images will look before releasing the shutter. This is particularly useful when experimenting with different effects and settings. Each time you adjust contrast, background blur, brightness or shutter speed, results are displayed on the LCD monitor in real-time. After you obtain the look you want, snap the picture. A truly simple way to obtain truly impressive results! In addition to ensuring that images come out as expected, this mode provides an easy way to learn more about how different settings affect the final image, helping expand your understanding of photography.

  • Note: Live image control does not support high-speed continuous shooting or flash.

Background softening

To blur or not to blur, you decide. Make subjects stand out by softening the background/foreground with delicate bokeh, or render every element of a composition in sharp focus.

Active D-Lighting

Preserve highlight and shadow details in high-contrast scenes. This is a good way to capture details when shooting a brightly lit outdoor scene from inside and framed through a window, or a shaded subject on a sunny day.

Brightness control

Fine-tune exposure by lightening or darkening the image.

Motion control

Use subject movement to maximum effect. Convey the feeling of motion by allowing a moving subject to blur, or freeze the subject to create a powerful photo of action normally unseen with the naked eye.

Auto mode

Fabulous photos with point-and-shoot simplicity.

This smart Nikon 1 feature frees you from complicated operations, allowing you to concentrate on getting your best shot. For example, the camera automatically detects whether a scene is a portrait, landscape, night portrait, night landscape, close up or other and selects the setting that will give you optimal results.

Picture Control

Customize the look of photos to match your creative inspirations.

Give your photos your own unique touch. Picture Control allows you to produce particular effects — for example, making your pictures more vivid, portrait-style, or monochrome. Altogether there are 6 settings — Standard, Neutral, Vivid, Monochrome, Portrait, and Landscape.


Don't lose sight of loved ones — Face-priority

Face-priority technology allows you to take photos at special events without fuss. The camera automatically recognizes and focuses on the subject's face, following them wherever they move. Able to detect a maximum of five faces at a time, it's an extremely convenient function when taking photos at memorable events and parties.

Auto distortion control

Customize the look of photos to match your creative inspirations.

Turn on the Auto distortion control, and you can compensate for barrel distortion when using a wide-angle lens, or pincushion distortion when using a telephoto lens.