Capture Special Moments

Advanced hybrid AF system

Ultra-quick autofocus for fast-breaking action.

Two types of autofocus let you capture fleeting moments with incredible ease. Nikon 1 AW1 recognizes the scene then automatically chooses the appropriate autofocus method so you can handle just about any shooting situation. For most scenes — including those containing fast and unpredictably moving subjects — responsive phase-detection AF is enabled. This mode employs 73 AF points strategically positioned over a wide portion of the shooting area to quickly track and focus on subjects. In poorly lit environments the camera switches to contrast-detect AF, which uses 135 AF points to obtain crisp focus on dimly lit subjects.

High-speed continuous shooting

Precisely focused photos at a blazing 15 frames per second (fps).

For freezing moments that can slip away in the blink of an eye, use Nikon 1 AW1's continuous shooting. Working in tandem with phase-detection AF, this mode delivers 15 perfectly focused frames per second of even moving subjects — the ideal solution for shooting fast-breaking action such as sports and wildlife photos. Just press the shutter-release button and autofocus locates and focuses on the subject while the camera records the action. For subjects not moving through the frame — for example, when analyzing your golf or tennis swing — you can set the camera to shoot at an astounding 60 fps.

  • Note: Maximum number of pictures in high-speed continuous shooting is 22 at 15 fps and 20 at 60 fps (Approximate; based on Nikon performance tests.)

Best Moment Capture

Slow view

Pick and choose the best shot from a slow-motion sequence.

Knowing just when to take the shot while trying to capture fast-moving action can sometimes be difficult. Slow view solves this problem. Simply press the shutter-release button halfway and Nikon 1 AW1 records up to 20 frames in just over a second. The LCD monitor displays the action unfolding in slow motion. When you see the shot you like, press the button the rest of the way and the image is automatically saved.

Smart Photo Selector

Shots of parties and groups? Automatically save the best and delete the rest.

Poring over group shots to find the best of the bunch isn't much fun. So let Smart Photo Selector do the work for you. Just compose the shot then begin pressing the shutter-release button. From the halfway point, Nikon 1 AW1 starts shooting and continues until a few moments after you fully press and release the button, recording up to 20 images. The camera then automatically saves the five most pleasing shots and displays what it determines to be the best based on eye blinks, composition and hand-shake blur. Unneeded images are deleted for you. No more worries about missing a great shot due to people blinking, falling out of the frame or blur caused by a shaky hand. You can also set the camera to save and display only one image from the sequence, making it easier then ever to capture the perfect shot.

Motion Snapshot

Make stills come alive with the magic of movies.

Add movement to everyday snaps and watch them come to life with a newfound vibrancy. Shooting with Motion Snapshot appends four seconds of slow-motion video and selectable music to a normal snapshot. Just point and shoot. It's as easy as taking a photo. Motion Snapshots are created in-camera so no special editing skills or software are required and are ready to be enjoyed immediately. To create a fascinating and compelling visual story of your next excursion, combine and share a sequence of Motion Snapshots.

Expand your enjoyment of Motion Snapshot.

Because Motion Snapshots are automatically created in-camera, you can view and share them on the LCD monitor immediately. For added enjoyment, use bundled Short Movie Creator or Nikon Movie Editor software to change the music, or create unique visual odysseys by combining Motion Snapshots, photos and Full HD movies into a single movie.