KeyMission 360 delivers full 360° immersive experience for the launch of the new MINI Countryman

January 11, 2017

Global partnership between Nikon and MINI offers new virtual reality driving experience for new cars even before they become available

TOKYO - Nikon Corporation is pleased to announce that its Imaging Business Unit has come together with MINI in a global marketing partnership to collaborate on a series of marketing initiatives and content creation for the new KeyMission series of action cameras and the recently announced new MINI Countryman. Through a collection of real-life experiences documented on the KeyMission 360 and enabled by the new MINI Countryman, the partnership aims to inspire and encourage the spirit of exploration and sharing of these experiences in complete 360° immersive detail.

The KeyMission action cameras and MINI Countryman embody the spirit of adventure and of experiencing life to the fullest. The brands also share the passion for storytelling.

The KeyMission 360, capable of capturing seamless 360° videos in every direction, has redefined the hands-free video market beyond momentary thrills to exploring meaningful adventures. In the journey to collect experiences, the MINI Countryman is an enabler of new stories, driving outside the ordinary while the KeyMission 360 is the perfect companion for documenting them in seamless 360° videos with 4K UHD quality.

This cooperation benefits both partners reciprocally. MINI integrates the KeyMission 360 in various stages of its marketing and press activities, reaching from exclusive footage and media drives to social media and point-of-sale campaigns. Using the KeyMission 360, MINI is able to bring new perspectives and immersive experiences to customers even before the cars are physically in the showrooms. On the other hand, KeyMission 360's standout optical and imaging innovation is clearly demonstrated through the full 360° videos of the MINI Countryman.

"Unique and authentic experiences – off the beaten track – become more and more relevant to people," explains Marc Lengning, Head of MINI Brand Management. "The new MINI Countryman will take them almost anywhere to create such experiences and Nikon's KeyMission 360 is the perfect partner to capture them."

"Nikon has a heritage of innovation and delivering unique experiences. With MINI, we have found the perfect partner as we share many values like authenticity and excitement for going out and experiencing the world," says Birgitta Olson, General Manager, Global Marketing & Research Strategy Division, Imaging Business Unit. "We are very excited about the partnership and in the true spirit of exploration and collecting experiences, we will work closely to uncover real stories and share them in immersive detail."

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