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July 1, 2015

"Night Life" video, a video version of an interview with lens designers, and a new The Thousand and One Nights tale

TOKYO - Nikon Corporation has added a new video, "Night Life" (to NIKKOR Motion Gallery), a video version of the "Vol. 2 What makes NIKKOR lenses so appealing?" interview with lens designers (to Philosophy of NIKKOR), and Tale 55 to The Thousand and One Nights on its "" (, its global branding site developed to spread the appeal of NIKKOR lenses for interchangeable-lens cameras around the world.

"Night Life", a video by Wriggles & Robins

>NIKKOR Motion Gallery introduces works by globally active top artists in a variety of genres that open up new possibilities in imaging.
London based creative directors Tom Wrigglesworth and Matt Robinson began working together as Wriggles & Robins in 2008.
Since then, they have searched for innovative means of capturing stories with the conception, production, and direction of original ideas.
Behind the Scene

"Night Life" is a video that skillfully utilizes Nikon cameras and lighting by combining clippings from enlarged prints taken from an animation video with actual video footage. It follows wildlife that leaves the quiet countryside to run about the streets of London as it sleeps, and then return to nature just before dawn.

  • * WOW
    "Night Life" was created under the editorial supervision of WOW. WOW is a visual design studio with bases in Tokyo, Sendai, and London. They are involved with a wide variety of design work that is not bound by existing media or categories. They continue to pursue new imaging possibilities in order to achieve the social function of visual design while maximizing the unique characteristics and sense of individual creators.

Video version of "Vol. 2 What makes NIKKOR lenses so appealing?" interview with lens designers

The video version of "Vol. 2 What makes NIKKOR lenses so appealing", the second in a series of interviews with lens designers in which designers of NIKKOR lenses, backed by history and tradition, talk about lens design from a variety of angles, from the appeal of interchangeable lenses to the lenses that they themselves would choose, has also been added to "". The interview expresses the superior quality and spirit of innovation behind NIKKOR lenses through the passion of designers who continue to strive to produce the ultimate lens with discussion of the philosophy behind lens design and the long road from initial design to final production.

The Thousand and One Nights

The Thousand and One Nights are tales by Nikon engineers detailing the unique characteristics and history of NIKKOR lenses, as well as their future. Tale 55 covers the Ai NIKKOR 18mm f/4, delving into the secrets behind its popularity with actual test shots and sample images captured with this compact, ultra wide-angle lens.


"" is a part of the global NIKKOR branding project for which full-scale operation started in 2013 when Nikon celebrated the 80th anniversary of NIKKOR lenses. This global branding site spreads the appeal of NIKKOR lenses for interchangeable-lens cameras around the world.
Nikon will continue to introduce new contents that increase visitors' knowledge of NIKKOR lenses from a variety of angles in the future, and the "" site will continue to provide users of NIKKOR lenses with information that helps them to expand their enjoyment of, and possibilities available with, photos and videos.

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