Nikon launches a special new site for its projector-equipped digital cameras

December 1, 2011

Nikon and Japanese illustrator SORA-san help parents use their own photos to create picture books that make story time with their children more fun.

TOKYO - Nikon Corporation has launched a special site that proposes new ways to enjoy its projector-equipped compact digital cameras, the COOLPIX S1200pj, S1100pj, and S1000pj.


This special site introduces a new way for parents to enjoy time with their children through the creation of custom, one-of-a-kind picture books. Photos taken with projector-equipped Nikon digital cameras can be used to create picture books that can then be projected on walls or ceilings with the camera’s built-in projector.
In addition, stories by SORA-san that have been specially formatted for projection by projector-equipped digital cameras can also be projected by the cameras. SORA-san is a popular Japanese illustrator whose varying creative works have been published in magazines, books, etc.

Through this special site, Nikon proposes a new way for parents and children to enjoy story time by making the most of the unique features built into the COOLPIX S1200pj, S1100pj, and S1000pj.

A word from SORA-san, illustrator and author of picture books

I’ve discovered a really fun camera. It’s a small and lightweight digital camera that, by just sliding the projector cover, can turn almost any place into my own personal theater in an instant. I’d heard about the camera, but I was really surprised after actually using it. The ability to create your own theater anywhere is really fun and exciting.

After my introduction to this camera, I quickly realized that the possibilities it offers are infinite. So many ideas sprung into my head. Picture books with images that seem to float up out of the darkness, picture books projected in a manner similar to a flipbook, colorful and fun picture books, and picture books with stories to be read or told aloud can all be created. After struggling with so many ideas, and actually projecting images on walls and ceilings, I finally came up with four short stories*.

  • * "Loro & Michelle", "MOONLIGHT", "Little Miss Poodle", "IROIRO MONSTER"

SORA-san is an Illustrator and picture book author. Her illustrations have been used in a variety of fields, in formats including magazines, books, and websites. She also created the illustration of a Siberian flying squirrel used on JR Hokkaido’s "Kitaca" smart card train passes. Her major works include the picture books "The Red String of Love" and "The Little Prince & The Star of Wish". SORA-san lives in Sapporo, Hokkaido.

The COOLPIX S1200pj, S1100pj and S1000pj

These are digital cameras equipped with ultra-compact projectors, first released in 2009. They propose a new way to enjoy digital cameras with their ability to immediately project photos taken with them on walls and other surfaces almost anywhere for viewing and sharing of those photos with family and friends. They also offer the full compliment of compact digital camera functions, including support for high sensitivities and camera shake compensation.

The third model in the series, the COOLPIX S1200pj, was released in 2011. The S1200pj offers a 40% increase in projection brightness and three times greater projection contrast than its predecessor, the COOLPIX S1100pj, enabling projection of vivid images at a projection size of up to 60 inches. In addition, the COOLPIX S1200pj can be connected to an iPhone, iPad, or iPod via the dedicated cable, allowing users to project images and movies stored on these devices as well as online content from websites such as YouTube™.

Site overview

Supported languages: Japanese, English, Simplified Chinese, German
Launch date: December 1, 2011 (English , German , Japanese version), December 8, 2011 (Chinese versions)


  • Create it! Create with Photos
    Create a picture book with a favorite character or doll as the main character.
  • Create it! Create with Drawings
    Create a picture book by photographing pictures drawn by you or your child.
  • Project it! Project a Book
    Project a picture book created from photos or illustrations on a wall or ceiling.
  • Downloads
    Download one of the four original stories by Japanese illustrator SORA-san—"Loro & Michelle", "MOONLIGHT", "Little Miss Poodle", "IROIRO MONSTER"—for projection at home with your child.
  • SORA’s Profile
    Provides an introduction to Japanese illustrator and picture book author, SORA-san.
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