Nikon 1 AW1

Camera Functions

Creative Mode: Underwater

Take photographs under water.

Creative Mode: Underwater: Scuba
Creative Mode: Underwater: Close up

Standard: Use for balanced results when taking photos at shallow depths, for example while at the water's edge or while snorkeling.

Scuba: Use for vivid colors in deeper waters, for example while scuba diving.

Close up: Use for close-ups. This setting produces results with good contrast.


01. Press the MENU button to display the menus, then select Shooting mode.
02. Highlight Creative mode, and press OK.
03. Press Feature button to display the creative menu. Highlight Underwater and press OK to display underwater processing options.
04. Highlight one of the following options and press OK to select the highlighted option and return to the shooting display.
05. To take photographs, press the shutter-release button halfway to focus and the rest of the way down to shoot.

The shutter will be released whether or not the camera is in focus.

Movies can be recorded using the movierecord button.

1: Shutter-release button
2: Movie-record button

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