Sport Optics

Laser 1000A S

  1. Key Features
  2. Specifications


  • Measurement range: 10-915m/11-1,000 yd.
  • Active Brightness Control Viewfinder for easy, clear viewing: Orange LED is automatically turned on when it is used in darker situations and brightness of the LED is adjusted according to the surroundings
  • Easy operation enables measurement of actual distance, horizontal distance, height and slope adjusted distance (horizontal distance ± height)
  • Target Priority Switch System for measuring overlapping subjects:
    First Target Priority mode displays the distance of the closest subject – useful when measuring the distance to a subject in front of an overlapping background.
    Distant Target Priority mode displays that of the farthest subject – useful in wooded areas.
  • High-quality 6x monocular with multilayer coating for bright, clear images
  • High light transmittance for a brighter field of view
  • Large ocular for easy viewing (18mm)
  • Wide field of view (7.5 degrees)
  • Long eye relief design affords eyeglass wearers easy viewing
  • Dioptre adjustment function
  • Single or continuous measurement (up to 5 seconds)
  • Compact, lightweight design enables easy, single-hand operation
  • Waterproof (up to 1m/3.3 ft. for 10 minutes), but not for underwater usage; the battery chamber is water-resistant
  • Wide temperature tolerance: -10°C to +50°C

Internal display

  • 1.Distance
  • 2.Unit of measure (m/yd.)
  • 3.Target mark ()
  • 4.Laser irradiation ()
  • 5.Height (Actual distance at Golf mode setting)
  • 6.Battery condition
  • 7.Distant Target Priority mode
  • 8.First Target Priority mode
  • 9.Decline
  • 10.Incline

Display mode cycle

Golf mode

Provides the "Horizontal distance ± Height" speedily enabling you to confidently determine how to approach the course. Once your sense of distance is enhanced, you can more easily achieve the correct shot.

Incline (for uphill)
Decline (for downhill)
The upper figure shows the "slope adjusted distance" and the lower figure is the "actual distance". Both are displayed simultaneously in the internal display.