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The powerful and intuitive image-editing software that optimizes workflow and maximizes potential

  • Support for NEF, TIFF and JPEG file types - browse and edit all files made with Nikon D-Series models, including the D70, as well as the COOLPIX 8700.
  • Multi Image Window - displays images from selected folders as a row of thumbnail images above a larger area containing the currently selected image.
  • LCH Editor - Luminosity (lightness), Chroma (saturation), and Hue can be independently adjusted using individual editor dialogs within the LCH Editor tool palette.
  • Color Booster - automatically adjusts saturation level to optimal values for portrait or landscape pictures.
  • Color moire reduction - reduces the moire effect that sometimes appears when shooting tightly spaced parallel lines. (Available only when working with NEF files.)
  • Saturation settings - four settings adjust the vividness of images without changing the hue.
  • Filter plug-in support - adds expandability and versatility to Nikon Capture 4's basic function set.
  • Background save - allows processing of files while saving others at the same time, which helps improve workflow efficiency and realize stress-free operation.
  • Save selected image adjustments - realizes greater flexibility and control by allowing the application of a selection of adjustment settings to images.
  • NEF (JPEG) file support - provides substantial space savings, and NEF (JPEG) files can be edited repeatedly without degradation of image quality.
  • Digital DEE™ - automatically brings out an image's highlights while achieving an overall exposure balance.
  • Fisheye-to-Rectilinear Image Transformation - transforms 180º diagonal angle of view fisheye pictures made with the AF DX Fisheye-Nikkor 10.5mm f/2.8G ED lens into a choice of two ultra-wideangle image modes.
  • Vignette control - automatically adjusts NEF files to counteract any vignette effect and produce images with near perfect center-to-edge-to-corner brightness.
  • Image Dust Off - uses a reference image taken with Nikon digital SLR cameras to map out dust on the sensor and then automatically remove its effect from NEF images shot using Nikon CPU lenses.
  • Enhanced batch processing - automatically applies a wide variety of image adjustments and corrections to any number of files in a folder.
  • Remote Camera Control - controls most shooting settings, and allows images to be downloaded directly to a computer. Version 4.1 adds support for the D70 and controls, including bracketing when used with the D2H or D70.