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Collaborative Applications

The Picture Control System can be further enhanced in collaboration with the ViewNX 2*1 supplied with your camera and the optional software Capture NX 2*2 that feature Picture Control Utility, and the optional Camera Control Pro 2 that enables remote control of Picture Control.

*1 The latest version of ViewNX 2 can be downloaded from Nikon's website.
*2 Users of Capture NX 2 can download the latest version from Nikon's website.

>> Custom Picture Controls

Allows you to name in-camera Picture Controls that you’ve adjusted to suit your needs, registering them as custom Picture Controls.
You can also use Picture Controls created with Picture Control Utility, available via the ViewNX 2 software supplied with the camera, or use Picture Controls created on other cameras by importing them to the camera on a memory card and registering them as custom Picture Controls.

Custom Picture Control

>> Optional Picture Controls

Optional Picture Controls Portrait (for natural-looking images with a real sense of depth and for smooth reproduction of skin tone) and Landscape (for lively natural scenes and vibrant city streets), both pre-installed in the D7000, D90, D5000, D3100 and D3000, can be downloaded here for installation in the D3X, D3S, D3, D700, D300S and D300.

The ViewNX 2 software included with the camera and the optional software Capture NX 2 feature D2X/D2XS Optional Picture Control, which enables you to apply color reproduction approximating that of the D2X and D2XS. You can download the D2X/D2XS Optional Picture Control here and install it in the D3X, D3, D700, and D300.

Optional Picture Controls

>> Applications

Picture Control UtilityThe Picture Control Utility application, which manages and adjusts Picture Control file can be launched from either the ViewNX 2 software, included with the camera, or the optional Capture NX 2 software.

ViewNX 2 The Picture Controls for [Image Adjustment] allow you to apply Picture Controls to any RAW image (NEF) file.

ViewNX 2

Capture NX 2In the Edit List, Picture Controls can be applied to any RAW image (NEF) file using Develop -> Camera Settings -> Picture Control.
With the exception of Custom Tone Curves, you can also make adjustments to custom Picture Controls in the same way as with Picture Control Utility.
Picture Controls can even be applied to RAW image (NEF) files taken on earlier models, such as the D2XS.

Capture NX 2

Camera Control Pro 2When a Nikon digital SLR camera that supports Picture Control is connected to a computer by USB, the Picture Controls can be selected and set in the Processing Panel of the Camera Control Pro panel.

Camera Control Pro 2

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