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Custom Picture Controls

Create your own image style with custom Picture Controls

Allows you to name in-camera Picture Controls that you’ve adjusted to suit your needs, registering them as custom Picture Controls.
You can also use Picture Controls created with Picture Control Utility, available via the ViewNX 2 software supplied with the camera, or use Picture Controls created on other cameras by importing them to the camera on a memory card and registering them as custom Picture Controls. With a Nikon digital SLR camera that supports Picture Control, you can store as many as nine custom Picture Controls*.* The number of custom Picture Control that can be installed may differ with future camera models.

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Using Custom Picture Controls

Custom Picture Controls can be edited and registered in the camera. You can also change their names, delete them, and copy them to a memory card. You can also freely share files between cameras or between users using a memory card, as well as importing custom Picture Controls created with Picture Control Utility and registering them in your camera. Moreover, you can import custom Picture Controls created in your camera to a computer via Picture Control Utility, then apply them to images using the ViewNX 2 (comes with the camera) or Capture NX 2 (optional).
You can even attach custom Picture Controls to e-mail messages to share with other users (depending on your e-mail environment; Nikon does not provide a special service for this purpose).

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